Sunday, August 10, 2008

Memphis Gunslingers August Saturday Shoot 8/9/08

Jailbreak Jake reading the scenario on stage 1
Jailbreak waiting on the first shooter to get ready
Dooly Sworn leading off and showing us how its done

Blackfish Kid

Will Reilly starting out fast and not slowing down all day

Tombstone John being timed by Blackfish Kid

I know there are targets somewhere beyond that smoke

"Smiling" Latigo Jim having a good run

Lady Blackfish being timed by Buck Dodgers

Lady Blackfish with a bead on the shotgun targets

Blackfish Kid having a great run, It must be those purple grips

Will Reilly blazing through another stage

Mountaineer Lefty explaining a loading strip to Videographer  Arnold Bull of "Wildlife Chatter"

Blackfish Kid on a good run through the last stage

Will Reilly going so fast my camera couldn't keep up

Tombstone John fighting off attacking Indians

And charging Longhorns

Buck Dodgers driving back the Longhorns
Jailbreak Jake with his Straight Shooter badge from a previous match
Walking Short working hard compiling the scores
Bella Spencer looking pretty in pink

Calling out the winners of the clean shoot buttons
That's me (Randy Saint Eagle) with my clean match badge
Will Reilly showing off his clean shooter badge
           Lady Blackfish, how can you keep a white dress looking so good after a day of shooting?

Will Reilly, Buck Dodgers, Tombstone John, Latigo Jim and I met Jailbreak Jake in Memphis to spend a day shooting with the Memphis Gunslingers.
Cherokee Sargent, Dew R. Dye, Mountaineer Lefty , Walking Short and others put on a real good match. The targets are big enough and close enough and the procedures are not too hard to follow. They shoot 6 stages on their Saturday monthly shoot, and this month they were fast stages. There are a lot of friendly folks there, and I apologize for not remembering all their names. 
Due to shooting order and trying to help with posse duties I was only able to take pictures of Posse 1 and I'm sure I didn't get all of them. I couldn't remember most folks names when I posted he pictures ( CRS has kicked in). Anyone who hasn't  shot with the Memphis Gunslingers should give them a try, you won't be disappointed. Here are the scores.
If you're looking for a good Annual Match in September, head to Memphis for A Gunfight In Dixie VII. Click on link for an application and more info. It will be a good warm-up match for The Tennessee State Championship, A Regulators Reckoning, October 9-11, 2008 in Wartrace Tennessee.
Enjoy the pictures and I hope to see you all at both of the above shoots.