Thursday, May 30, 2013

2013 Shoot-Out @ Hard Times, Ohio State Championship

Papa Dave and I loaded the wagon hitched up the team and made our first trip to the Ohio State Championship in Piqua Ohio. Once there we met up with several others from Wartrace including, CW and Linda Knight, Branchwater Jack, Alchemist Belle, Donald Duke, Ben T Iron, Dodge City Dixie, Reno Mustang, Blackwater Desperado and Shotgun Schoolmarm. Doc Eells and Mean Gun Mark promised good weather but when we arrived in the rain on Thursday afternoon I wasn't so sure, but they were right. The rain quit and we didn't get anymore till Monday morning when we were leaving. The weather was great for all match activities.

The shooting started out Friday morning at 8 am with the Wild Bunch Match. Branchwater Jack, CW Knight and Papa Dave shot  the match. I haven't gotten the hang of those new-fangled guns yet.  Most of the rest of us started with the regular side matches at 11 and the Warm Up Match at 1. There was a meet and greet potluck at 6 pm which included a fish fry, pulled pork and brisket along with about anything else you could want.

Saturday brought on the first 6 stages of the main match. The targets were a little smaller than we've gotten use to at Wartrace, most pistol targets were 16" circles and the rifle targets were mostly squares with a few diamonds and cowboy shapes. The distances were good and everything was very hit-able. There was lots of movement and all stages were fun. Stage 7 had 2 pistol targets that were 10" circles, but they were "in your face", I don't think anyone on our posse had a miss on them. The match was based on the movie "Blazing Saddles" and had some great starting lines. Doc Eells and Mean Gun Mark really came up with some great stages.

As I said earlier this was my first trip the Miami Valley Cowboys range and it is real nice, shaped like a big horseshoe. The entire area between the stages is graveled, the loading and unloading tables are covered and most have some type of shield to protect from splatter. It's great to shoot in different parts of the country and see nice ranges and see how other cowboys and cowgirls do things.

We were on a really good posse and anyone who knows me knows I'm horrible with names but I'll try to list  members of Posse 10. Papa Dave, Stroud, Barkeep Casey, Ben T Iron, Randy Saint Eagle, CC Top,  Spittoon  Otool, Badger McNeely, Flush Draw, Korupt Karl, Short Term Emory, Branchwater Jack, Lickskillet Charlie, Alchemist Belle, Michigan Slim, Travelin Kid, Blackwater Bob, Dusty Deputy D, Jesse Jane, Willie Gitum, Baby Ruth and I'm sure I forgot someone.

After the 6 stages on Saturday we had a Shoot Off open to everyone who wanted to play. after several rounds of intense competition, Duke Skywalker was the Shoot Off Top Gun. Saturday night was a steak dinner, with great steaks, and side match awards. Papa Dave was 3rd Wild Bunch Traditional and CW Knight was 1st Wild Bunch 59'r.

Sunday morning started with Cowboy Chapel and then the final 6 stages. The final 6 were just as much fun as the first 6. One of the highlights of our final 6 was the Fort where the rifle targets were inside a stage coach, 3 targets, 1 in each window. Following the final stage it was time to head to the Club House for some Cowboy Trap. This was my first time to try trap shooting and it showed. 10 cowboys and cowgirls tried the trap and Papa Dave was the Trap Shoot Off  winner.

Sunday night was the Banquet, Costume and Main Match Awards at the Eagles Club in Covington.
Chicken and fish were served and like all the other meals it was really good. Ringo Fire, Doc Eells, Mean Gun Mark and Boaz Longhorn took care of the Awards.

Lead Ringer was the "Top Gun" of the match, followed by Deuce Stevens, Three Gun Cole, Sage Chick, Duke Skywalker, Doc Molar, Knob Creek Drover, Two Bit Drifter and Indy Kid rounded out the top 10.

Sage Chick was the "Ladies Top Gun", followed by KJ Stevens, Turkey Legs, Two Sons and Sunshine Marcie rounded out the ladies top 5.

Complete Scores

218 shooters completed the match.



Wartrace Regulators were well represented;

Papa Dave 1st Elder Statesman, 23rd Overall, Clean Match
CW Knight  5th Silver Senior,  50th Overall
Ben T Iron 3rd Classic Cowboy, 53rd Overall
Randy Saint Eagle 2nd Senior Duelist, 61st Overall
Reno Mustang 9th 49'r, 84th Overall
Dodge City Dixie 2nd Ladies B-Western, 136th Overall
Branchwater Jack 6th Frontier Cartridge Duelist, 141st Overall, Clean Match
Alchemist Belle 4th Cowgirl, 162nd Overall
Blackwater Desperado 5th Frontiersman, 212th Overall

Thanks again to Samuel Doc Eells, Mean Gun Mark, Boaz Longhorn and all the Miami Valley Cowboys involved in making this a really fun match. Also thanks to Lassiter, as Chief Range Officer, for trying to ensure stages were shot the same by all posses.

If you're ever in the area go and check out a really a really nice range and a fun bunch of Cowboys and Cowgirls.

The next match at Wartrace will be the June 1st Cowboy Match.

Don't forget to sign up for the Tennessee State Championship Oct 10-12 2013

TN. State Match

Happy Trails till we meet again.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wartrace Regulators May 18th Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match

The threat of bad weather and graduation weekend kept many away, but we had 16 Cowgirl, Cowboys and Wild Bunch shooters. We were blessed with very good weather, it sprinkled lightly for less than 10 minutes. The rest of the day we had good weather.

Whiskey Hayes was anticipating the possibility of  bad weather so he wrote some very fast and fun stages with no "P" Traps. We are still shooting the stages on the hill due to range construction. Wes Outlaw and his crew have started building stages and if you haven't been here in a while you won't recognize 1/2 of the range.

CW Knight was the Wild Bunch Top Gun and shot a "Clean Match" as well, followed by Duck River.

Randy Saint  Eagle was the Cowboy  Top Gun, followed by Reno Mustang, Ben T Iron, Whiskey Hayes, Tombstone John, Dodge City Dixie, Birdshot Pete, Sheriff Frank Canton, Wes Outlaw and Da Lightning rounded out the Top 10.

The Cowboys shooting "Clean Matches" were Cheyenne Thornton, Randy Saint Eagle and Reno Mustang.

Scores when available 

A special thanks to Buckshot Peterson for taking most of the videos for me.


Some Regulators will be traveling to the Ohio State Match  and some will be heading to Smokin' Guns at Rabbit Ridge over Memorial Day weekend.

The applications are now online for the Tennessee State Championship, get your application in early, we've filled up and had to quit taking applications the last few years.

 Lots of good matches will be going on all year, if you haven't planned your year check out  the SASS Annual Matches.

The next Wartrace Matches will be Long Range May 25th and the June Cowboy Match June 1st.

Happy Trails until we meet again.