Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wartrace May 2 Cowboy Match

What a Great day for a Cowboy Action Match, I don't think you could have asked for better weather.

59 Cowgirls and Cowboys rode into Wartrace to enjoy this beautiful day and help stop an Indian uprising, capture a killer, stop a train robber and stop a crooked gambler.

As is our custom we started with the Safety Meeting given by Papa Dave and Whiskey Hayes welcomed everyone including at least 4 new shooters, Pilgrim Joe, Tic Toc, Yankee Gal and Nash Vegas. Whiskey also told us that most of the Motel rooms in Tullahoma are booked, there are some in Manchester and Shelbyville with the ones in Shelbyville being closer to the range and Banquet facility. If you're planning to shoot the State Championship you better book your room soon.


State Match Application

We had a Prayer and Pledge and headed to our starting stages and got to shooting.

I was on Posse 3 with Sheriff Frank Canton, Buxom Boo, Dirtwood Dobber, Elk Creek Le Mieux, Fort Knox, Cody Kid, Echota Kidd, Tyrel Cody, Stones, Raildog Pete, Jagged Rock, Grey Horse, Tic Toc and Demented Frenchman.

We started at the wagon where we single tapped the 2 outside targets, double tapped the 3 inside targets and single tapped the 2 outside targets, grabbed the shotgun and shot the 4 shotgun knock downs, placed the shotgun on the down range hay bales and shot the targets with pistols, same as we did with the rifle.

At the Livery we started in the doorway with rifle staged on either barrel, pistols holstered and shotgun staged on the center table gun order was shooters choice.  At the beep rifle shot from staged location engage the center target with 6 rounds then single tap the other 4 rifle targets. Shotgun from the center table 4 KD's in any order. Pistols are shot with same instructions as the rifle.

The Corral was a shotgun only stage with shotgun staged on trough shooter standing at trough. At the beep you alternate single taps between the 2 Texas Stars, there were only a couple on our posse that did it with only 10 shots.

Next we headed to the Train where you began standing in the coal car with hands at low surrender, pistols holstered, rifle staged on the coal car or engine shelf and shotgun staged on the other, gun order was shooters choice. At the beep pistols shot from any location, double tap P1, 6 on P2 and double tap P3. Rifle shot from staged location same sequence as pistols. Shotgun from staged location shoot the 4 KD's in any order.

We finished up at the Depot where gun order was again shooters choice, pistols holstered, rifle staged inside or outside of Depot with shotgun staged at opposite location. Begin standing in side door facing downrange with hands on door facing, at the beep Nevada sweep the 4 rifle targets, shoot 4 shotgun KD's and Nevada sweep the 4 pistol targets.

The stages were fun and and easy enough but with ample opportunity to screw up it you weren't paying attention.

5 shooters were able to shoot the match "Clean" including Hatchie Kid, Marshall Too Tall (who did it shooting Outlaw), Purly, Sgt Jasper and Tabasco Jot.

Cumberland Drifter was the Top Gun of the day followed by Hurricane Charly, Purly, Ocoee Red, Tabasco Jot, Sgt Jasper, Will Reilly, Papa Dave, Duck River and Vaquero Jake rounded out the Top 10.

Complete Scores

This is the season to travel to some annual matches and here are a few I'm looking at.

Georgia State 

North Carolina State

Black Gold Shootout

US Open

Alabama State

Tennessee State

If you've never traveled to an annual match I highly recommend  you try it. It is an opportunity to see lots of vendors and some great shooters and have lots of fun.

Don't forget the Tennessee State Match has filled up the last few years so get your application in early, see the link above for application.

The next match at Wartrace will be the May 16 Cowboy/ Wild Bunch match, so even if you like shooting them new-fangled 1911's you can come out and join us. If you have any questions about any shooting discipline check this link.

Shooting Disciplines 

So until we meet again shoot straight and may all your bangs end with a clang.