Friday, April 24, 2009

Georgia State Championship '09

Six Wartrace Regulators went a little farther south to The Georgia State Championship April 16-19. Imis Twohofon, Papa Dave, Buck Dodgers, Sheriff Frank Canton, Marshall Red Stockburn and Randy Saint Eagle. Dirt Merchant sent me an e-mail several months ago inviting us to come and I'm glad he did. This was my first trip to the Georgia State and I must say it was one of the most FUN matches I've been to.

We shot on the same posse with one of Papa Dave's friends, Polecat, and met and had dinner with 2 others, Regulator Rude and Badlands Barry. We also shot on the same posse with an amazing Buckaroo named Levi Creed, remember that name you'll be reading it in the Cowboy Chronicle. He and his family plan to visit our range this summer.

The Dooley Gang did Cowboy Karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as helping with the awards. T-Bone and The Gang are great fun.

God blessed us with great weather for this match, and if anyone didn't enjoy this match , it's their own fault, as there was something for everyone.

I have 7 different posts on the blog because of the number of pictures we took. I like to say a special thanks to all the Wartrace Gang for helping me take pictures. As you finish one slideshow just scroll down and another will be running.

The scores are posted on Doc Holliday's Immortals website .

Professional photographer Richard McIntosh was doing Posse and Action pictures.

I apologize in advance for any names I might have gotten wrong on pictures and for the names I just couldn't remember, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Randy Saint Eagle

Georgia State '09 More Pictures

These are more pictures from our first 5 stages. We had a few train wrecks, Marshall Red Stockburn's rifle jammed on the first stage and cost him 10 misses. I outran myself and had a rifle miss. Buck Dodgers got a phone call and missed the stage instructions on stage 4 and shot on a No-shoot target for a "P". We had a few problems, but we had lots of fun.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Couples Shoot and Friday Night Karaoke Georgia State '09

Friday after the first 5 stages were finished they had a couples shoot. Due to a shortage of Ladies they had a pairs shoot after the couples shoot. One on the team shot a rifle the other shot both pistols and both shot their shotguns, it was a lot of fun. the Top Couple was Annabel Lee and Fast Eddie, I don't remember who the fastest pair was.

After lots of shooting we were treated to a BBQ dinner on the range.

Later T-Bone Dooley , Nuttin Graceful and Ringo Fire cranked up the Karaoke as a warm up for Saturday night. Marshall Red Stockburn turned into a real performer. If you ever get a chance to go to a match where T-Bone and The Dooley Gang are providing the entertainment, don't miss it. They are great and really know how to throw a party.

Before the night was over Buck Dodgers, Marshall Red Stockburn and I were inducted into the Dooley Gang.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Georgia State '09 Last 5 Stages and Team Match

On Saturday we finished up our last 5 Stages then we burned up lots of ammo in the Team Match. We had great weather for the entire shoot, a little brisk in the mornings but beautiful as the day progressed. Last year they said it was a little damp, but God smiled on us this year and gave us fantastic weather.

Every Cowboy Shoot I've ever been to starts out with a prayer, and I think when it's over we should end by thanking God for blessing us with the ability to play the game we love.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saturday Night Karaoke, Georgia State '09

After all the shooting was over we had time to go back to the Motel and clean up before a good dinner catered by Outback Steak House.
Following dinner T-Bone Dooley, Nuttin Graceful and Ringo fire cranked up the Karaoke. There were lots of good singers in the crowd, but one of the best was our own Marshall Red Stockburn.
T-Bone , Ringo Fire, Nuttin Graceful, Fish Creel Charlie and the rest of the Dooley gang really know how to throw a party. We stayed late and had a great time.

I almost forgot between dinner and Karaoke T-Bone and the Dooley Gang did Side Match Awards.

Congratulations to Buck Dodgers, winner of the Speed Pistol and Speed Rifle side matches.

Georgia State '09 Awards

Sunday Morning brought out the Awards Ceremony. We didn't stay for the Top Gun Shoot-Off on Sunday afternoon.

I don't have names for many of the pictures, some I didn't know and some I just couldn't think of (CRS kicks in sometimes).

Olin Winchester, Levi Creed, The Throwdown Kid

This is the future of our game, we need to strive to get more young men and young ladies involved.

We had an excellent time at The Georgia State Championship and if anyone looking at where to go in 2010, take a long hard look at this one.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wartrace Shoot 4/4/09

God blessed us with a great day for a Cowboy Shoot. Thanks to Very Old Barton for getting Jim Scoutten aka 10 Ring host of The Outdoor Channel's, Shooting USA, producer Mark Shafer, cameraman Chris Gerlach, Mike Irvine aka Black Bottle Mike and Mark's son Justin Shafer, to come to our range and do a segment on our club.

10 Ring and Black Bottle Mike shot 3 Stages with us as well. I also found out that Justin shot a six-gun for the first time while here.

We would also like to thank Gray Rat , a friend of Very Old Barton, for driving down from South Dakota to shoot with us.

We shot from the Gallows, Grafton's Saloon, Wells Fargo Bank, the Depot and the Marshall's Office. Whiskey Hayes put together some fast and fun stages with no procedural traps (although I got one from a senior moment).

We had 63 cowboys and cowgirls defending Wartrace today

The top five shooters were Will Reilly, Papa Dave, Jailbreak Jake, Whiskey Hayes and Shaddai Vaquero. They will make up the Shootist Category next month.

12 shooter shot a clean match, way to go.

Vaquero Jake celebrated his 12th birthday with us today, thanks for the cake.

J B Little bit shot his first clean match today and was presented a Silver Dollar by Birdgun Quail for his accomplishment.

We hope everyone had a good time and comes to our first mid-month shoot of the year April 18th. Some of us will be shooting The Georgia State Match that weekend. Our next main month shoot is May 2nd, and I think the next Wild Bunch match is May 30th.

If you missed this you missed a good one, don't miss the next one.

I will hopefully find out in a few weeks when the Shooting USA segment will air.

I'll try to link the scores as soon as they are up.