Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wartrace Regulators June Cowboy Match

Well it seemed more like late July or early August instead of early June but 39 Cowboys and Cowgirls braved the heat and came out to help Butch and Sundance get away from the Pinkertons at the Line Shack; Frank James fight off another Pinkerton at the Cemetery; Matt Dillon fight off drunk cowboys at the Livery; Jessee James fight off the Pinkertons at the Corral; and Major Crompton's recruits fight the Indians at the Fort.

Due to the excessive heat Whiskey Hayes rewrote the stages at the last minute to cut down on the time and movement required. Two were "Stand and Deliver" and three had some movement, none had more than 4 shotgun KD'S. It was a good fast match for a hot day. We also opted to have 3 small posses to make things move a little quicker. Everyone pitched in and helped with posse duties and we had a great match.

We had the pleasure of having the Rider Gang, Shotgun Rider, Lady Rider, Sunset Rider and Pony Rider, from East Tennessee join us for the first time. This is a really neat family and I hope they had a good time and will join us again. Also from East TN. Iron Maiden and Boondock Saint came to visit us again. Campo Kid and Lauren, his sister, came down from Kentucky to whoop up on the the Tennessee Cowboys and he did a good job of it. Campo is one GREAT Kid and comes from a Great family. I really enjoy watching him shoot. If you haven't seen him shoot, check out Campo Kid on You Tube.

Campo Kid was the Top Gun of the day with a 5 stage time of 88.19 (I told you he was impressive), followed by Buck Dodgers, Papa Dave, Latigo Jim (it was good to have Latigo back shooting with us) and Whiskey Hayes rounded out the top 5. Great shooting guys!

Congratulations also to Ben Uriah, Buck Dodgers, Cash Jackson and Dobber for shooting "Clean Matches".

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did and hope to see you for our next match, June 18th for the Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match, for more info check out our Website.

For Complete Scores

I bought a Flip Video and tried to take some video of the match, I learned that I'm a little shaky to be doing that but I hope you enjoy them anyway. I think this link will take you to my YouTube Channel

Please be aware that after watching this video the Up Next Videos are not mine, I don't know why they do this? To see the Wartrace Videos click on the link above this Video.

When they are available you should also be able to see some Wartrace Videos on Campo Kid's Channel.

Happy Trails to you and may all your shots find their target.