Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wartrace Regulators June 2nd Cowboy Match

44 Cowboys and Cowgirls rolled into Wartrace today to live out some Cowboy fantasies and have a little  fun. Whiskey Hayes set up a good match, even at Wells Fargo Bank where some weren't fond of the pistol knock down target. The KD was close and went down easy if you hit it (which I didn't).

At the Gallows you had to shoot your way out of a hanging. At the Line Shack you were a Texas Ranger trying to arrest Juan Cortina. In Grafton's you were Blue Duck in a gunfight with Gus. At Grafton's you had split pistols and split shotgun so you covered a lot of ground in one room.  At the Cemetery you were Marshall Thomas trying to arrest Bill Doolin. Last at Wells Fargo you were Butch Cassidy robbing the bank.

Wells Fargo also had split shotgun and there were no "Stand and Deliver" stages. The weather was fantastic and the scenarios were fun.

Buck Dodgers was the Top Gun of the day followed by S A Pondwater, Tabasco Jot, Ben T. Iron and C W Knight rounded out the Top 5.

We also had 9 "Clean" shooters, congratulations to Ben T. Iron, Brush Creek, Cash Jackson, Jagged Rock, Link Jones, Papa Oso, Sunflower Kid, Tennessee Nud and Willy McCoy.

Last month we presented the Eagle Eye Award,  recognizing the Wartrace Regulator with the most "Clean" matches in 2011, to Papa Oso. I included his picture in the slide show but I don't think it got noticed. Since I had to work today before the match and wasn't able to take any pictures I thought I'd post that one again.

Congratulations Papa Oso.

Complete scores

Our next match will be June 16 Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match, for more info always check out our website

Happy Trails until we meet again.