Monday, December 17, 2012

Wartrace December 15 Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match

17 Cowgirls, Cowboys and Wild Bunch shooters rode into Wartrace to keep an innocent man from hanging at the Gallows, stop a horse thief at the Line Shack, blow off some steam at Graftons, bury your horse at the Cemetery and stop a claim jumper at Wells Fargo Bank.

It rained early but blew out well before we started shooting and stayed dry till long after we finished. The rain blew out but the wind stayed, by the time my posse got to the Cemetery the wind had to be at least 25 mph, but at least it was dry.

We had 11 Cowboy shooters and 6 Wild Bunch. We were able to have a Wild Bunch posse with only 6 because all guns can be cleared on the firing line.

Randy Saint Eagle was the Top Gun for the Cowboys, followed by Ben T. Iron, Sheriff Frank Canton, Yak and Sunflower Kid rounded out the top 5. Congratulations to Randy Saint Eagle, Reno Mustang and Sheriff Frank Canton for shooting Clean Matches.

Papa Dave was the Wild Bunch Top Gun, followed by Frank Buckshot and Lead Bone rounded out the top 3. Congratulations to Papa Oso for shooting a Clean Match.

The Cowboys shot the same stages as the December 1st match and Papa Dave rewrote the stages for Wild Bunch. You can't compare the times because the Wild Bunch shot more rounds than the Cowboys.

I'd like to thank Yak and Lead Bone for making the trip down from Kentucky to shoot with us and hopefully they'll come back again soon. Also thanks to Jersey Brat for doing the scoring, hopefully by spring she'll be shooting with us.

Scores when available 

Videos taken by Buckshot Peterson

The next match at Wartrace will be the January 5th Cowboy match. This time of year the weather could be bad so check out our Cold Weather Policy.

We have been blessed to have another fine Cowboy Action Shooting year at Wartrace and hope to see everyone in 2013.

Merry Christmas and Happy Trails until we meet again.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Wartrace December 1 Cowboy Match

36 Cowgirls and Cowboys rode into Wartrace to test their skill and have some fun. This was a fantastic day for December, I'm guessing mid-60's by noon.

Whiskey Hayes wrote his usual fast and fun stages with a couple of twists thrown in for good measure. All the stages had some movement, no "Stand and Deliver" when the weather is cooler. Save that for the 100 degree days. The Line Shack was lot's of fun with a double tap on the cannon target with your rifle and a double tap on a 12" circle with your pistol or pistols in the case of Gunfighters. We also had choices on staging long guns and gun order on some stages, as well as split shotgun at the Cemetery.

When the smoke cleared Cumberland Drifter was the Top Gun of the day, followed by Papa Dave, Randy Saint Eagle, Ben T Iron, Tabasco Jot, Scattergun Kid, Sheriff Frank Canton, Cherohala Chase, Wes Outlaw and Whiskey Hayes rounded out the Top 10.

I always like the recognize those who shoot a Clean Match and this time we had 5. Congratulations to Cheyenne Thornton, Dirtwood Dobber, Gringo Gordo, Hardluck Hudgens and Tabasco Jot.

I would like to thank Tom Hofmann, a friend of Southern Yankee's, for the pictures and videos.


Scores when available

If you haven't been to Wartrace in a while, you might not recognize it, we're filling the pond and connecting the Old Town berms with the Hill and adding new stages. The lower parking lot will be closed starting with the next match and everyone will need to use the upper lot.

The next match at Wartrace will be the December 15 Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match for more info check out our website.

With the chance of bad weather for the next few matches check out our Cold Weather Policy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Trails until we meet again.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wartrace November 17 Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match

23 Cowboy's Cowgirls and Wild Bunch shooters rolled into Wartrace on a cold morning. It turned out to be a Great day, sunny all day and 61 by the time we finished. The Cowboy shooters shot the same stages they did at our Main November Match, the Wild Bunch shot some different scenarios.

The Cowboy posse only had 11 shooters and we have to thank Jersey Bratt and Buckshot Peterson for working all day even though they didn't shoot. Jersey Bratt also helped with registration and scoring.

Randy Saint Eagle was the Cowboy Top Gun followed by Scattergun Kid, Reno Mustang, Cumberland Drifter and Sheriff Frank Canton rounded out the Top 5 Cowboys. The Cowboys had 3 "Clean " shooters, Randy Saint Eagle, Reno Mustang and Sheriff Frank Canton.

Due to the small posse I was not able to take any pictures.

The Wild Bunch posse had 12 shooters and Gringo Gordo stayed with them all day taking pictures and preparing to write a Wild Bunch article for the SASS Chronicle.

CW Knight was the Wild Bunch Top Gun shooting Modern, followed by Sunflower Kid, Frank Buckshot, Duck River,( top Traditional) and Papa Dave rounded out the Top 5. The Wild Bunch had 2 "Clean" shooters, CW Knight and Papa Oso.

Scores when available.

Wes Outlaw and Charlie Bowdre are doing some dozer work at the range to connect the Old Town berms to the Hill berms so by the State Match next year the Range will have a different look.

The next match at Wartrace will be the November 24 Long Range Match, for more info always check out our website.

The next Cowboy match at Wartrace will be December 1st. For more range or match info check out our website.

Happy Trails and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wartrace Regulators November 3 Cowboy Match

44 Cowgirls and Cowboys ignored the 37 degree temp. at 5am and headed to Wartrace for some Cowboy fun. They made the right choice as it turned out to be a fantastic day, 79 degrees by the time we finished.

Charlie Cougar joined us for his first ever Cowboy Match, he shot on my posse and I think he is hooked. He is also our newest Wartrace Regulator so next match welcome him to the club.

I missed the first of Papa Dave welcoming shooters so I'm not sure but I think I heard that Tyrel Cody was  shooting his first match as well. Please try to make all our new shooters feel welcome.

This month Whiskey Hayes had some really fun stages for us, we needed a lighter mood after finishing up the State Match last month. Time to have some extra fun before we start getting serious about next years matches.

I was on posse 2 and we started at Stage 3 the KO Corral. Here you started with your rifle pointed safely down range and alternated for 10 shots between the rifle Texas Star and a cowboy target. Then with your pistols you alternated for 10 shots between the pistol Texas Star and a cowboy target, that's right 2 Texas Stars on 1 stage. Your shotgun was only used to clear any targets left on the Stars. This was a great Gunfighter stage and Wes Outlaw showed us how gunfighters do it.

Next we shot the Jail which was my best stage, all guns were staged on the table and you started sitting in a chair at the table. Gun order was shooters choice and you shot 4-2-4, with rifle and pistols and 4 shot gun knock downs.

At Fort Sweeney, the Train and the Depot we shot from at least 3 locations so the match had a good mix of movement and stand and deliver.

Top Gun of the match was Randy Saint Eagle followed by Duck River, Papa Dave, Cumberland Drifter, Scattergun Kid, Wes Outlaw, Ben T. Iron, Imis Twohofon, Sheriff Frank Canton and Lead Bone rounded out the Top 10. The Top 10 represented 9 different Categories.

Raildog Pete and Randy Saint Eagle got the only "Clean Matches", our perennial "Clean Match" shooters Ida Shotem' and Papa Oso both had problems.

Complete Scores

Randy's Videos

Our next match at Wartrace will be the November 17 Wild Bunch/Cowboy Match and Papa Dave told us if we have  around 10 or more Wild Bunch shooters they will have their own posse, he said he learned that all guns can be cleared on the line so there is no need for an unloading officer. Always check out our website for more match and club info.

Wartrace Regulators

With winter getting nearer check out our cold weather policy.

Cold Weather Policy

I didn't have this when I posted my State Match Blog but have since added this link, so please check out Gringo Gordo's photos from the State Match and Awards Banquet.

Gringo Gordo's Match and Awards Photos.

If you've gotten pretty comfortable in your Category change things up once in a while and try a different Category or try a completely different shooting style such as Gunfighter, Duelist or Outlaw, have some extra fun.

Happy Trails until we meet again and may all your shots "Ring Steel".

Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 Tennessee State Championship

The Wartrace Regulators hosted the SASS Tennessee State Championship, The Regulators Reckoning Oct. 11-13. Once again the match filled up several weeks early and we had to start a waiting list. We had 167 registered shooters from 13 states and 163 started the match.

Thursday, Side-Match day , started with the normal speed events, Long Range, 3 stage Wild Bunch mini- match, 3 stage Black Powder mini-match and a special Fund Raiser for the SASS Memorial Chapel at Founders Ranch. This consisted of a Pig Iron Lane inspired "Cut The Rope" target, where you tried to shoot a 1/4" rope  in two at about 30 feet. Unpleasant cut it with his first shot from his rifle. Several others cut it with 2 shots, although most took more than that. To my knowledge Joe West and I, Randy Saint Eagle, were the only 2 to cut it with pistols and I cut 1 right handed and 1 left handed. I guess the next time I miss a 16"x16" cowboy target I can't blame it on my pistols. One of the Cowgirls to cut the rope was Buxom Boo.  Between money donated to shoot at the rope and passing the hat at the Side-match Awards we raised $227. A Cowboy who wished to remain anonymous said $500 sounded like a better number and gave me a check for $273, so $500 will be going to the Chapel Fund. Thank you to all the Cowboys and Cowgirls who donated money for your generosity. One of the highlights of the Side-matches for me was Buxom Boo using my TTN to win the Ladies Hammered Double Barrel Award.

On Thursday night quite a few Cowboys and Cowgirls headed to The Bell Buckle Cafe for dinner, for many this has become an annual ritual.

We woke up Friday morning to quite a bit of rain but  were blessed that it stopped before the Safety Meeting. We were excited to have two very special guests this year and  to start things off Whiskey Hayes introduced Judge Roy Bean SASS #1 and Justice Lily Kate his bride. Without these folks there would be no SASS or the game we all enjoy. After Whiskey welcomed everyone he turned it over to Papa Dave for the Safety briefing and Sgt. Shooter offered a prayer and thanked God for all that we are blessed with. After the Pledge of Allegiance we were off to shoot 5 stages.

About 30 minutes after the first days stages were completed we had a Team Match consisting of 3 person teams. Everyone who wanted to compete threw their badges in a basket, it was going to be a hat but we had a mist of rain start up and I didn't want to take off my hat, and the teams were drawn. 1 person shot a rifle and 5 rounds on a Texas Star, 1 shot a pistol and 5 rounds on another Texas Star, Gunfighters could use 2 pistols and load 2 in one pistol and 3 in the other, 1 shooter had a shotgun. The Shotgun shooter started  with 2 knock downs, the rifle shooter tried to clean his star, after his 5th shot the pistol shooter tried to clean his star, after his 5th shot, the shotgun shooter had 2 more knock downs and cleaned up anything left on the stars. I was drawn for a team with Slick's Sharp Shooter and Yankee Dutchman and we had a good run finishing 2nd, but 2nd in a gunfight is not a good thing. Marshall WD, Duck River and Birdshot Pete were the winning team.

After the Team Match, Chickamauga Slim lead the Karaoke. Charlie Bowdre had the blessing for our meal and we enjoyed some great food. The range food was prepared by Rollin Chopsticks and Cimarron Lil said it was the best food she had ever had at a match.

After dinner we had Side-Match awards and a couple of shooters got enough wood to build a small shed. All our wood awards were done by Dezignz By You. Door Prizes followed dinner and we had enough that every shooter present got something and a few got more than 1 thing. A shooter commented on the SASS Wire a few years ago that "Where else but Tennessee can you go and find Jack Daniels on the prize table". This year we had over 50 bottles, thanks to Whiskey Hayes and Jack Daniels.

Saturday dawned with great weather and the final 5 stages. As usual Whiskey Hayes wrote some fun and fast  stages.  The top shooters shot the 10 stage match in just over 200 seconds. We had a wide variety of stages with something for everyone. After the last shots were fired everyone packed up and prepared for the banquet.

The Banquet was held at our usual spot, the Tullahoma Country Club, and they prepared a fantastic meal. A Bluegrass provided the entertainment while we ate.

Whiskey Hayes recognized Judge Roy Bean and Justice Lily Kate for all they do for our sport. Next he recognized Charlie Bowdre for bring SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting to Tennessee.  All the Tennessee State Category Champions were recognized and given State Championship plaques for their accomplishment. Then the Top 5 in each Category were awarded buckles with 1st place in each Category receiving a a plaque as well.

Overall Tennessee State Champions were Prestidigitator and Dew R Dye.

Top Gun was Duke Skywalker, followed by Shell Stuffer, Pretidigitator, Silver City Rebel and Fast Eddie rounded out the Top 5.

Ladies Top Gun was Slick's Sharp Shooter, followed by Dew R Dye, El Paso Susie, Sassy Teton Lady and Last Kiss rounded out the ladies Top 5.

One of the awards I was the most proud of was Birdshot Pete, State Champion Buckaroo. I've been working and training with him for a few months and he is a fine young man and a good shooter.

Every registered competitor received a ticket for major door prizes and had to be preset to win. Whiskey took several breaks during the awards to draw for prizes including 3 guns provided by our Main Match Sponsor, The Outpost Armory. They donated a Stoegar Coach Gun, Uberti El Patron pistol and an 1873 Uberti rifle. Papa Dave donated a Hooligan Wagon gun cart. I especially want to thank Jerimiah Longknife and Black Hills Leather for donating a competition holster rig that I was lucky enough to win. I'm really excited to get it ordered.

Thank you to all our sponsors, a complete list can be found here.

Videos 1

Videos 2

Complete Scores

Match and Award Photos by Gringo Gordo

Another Tennessee State Championship is in the books and I hope, if you were there, you had a great time. In a few weeks we'll start planning for next year.

The next Cowboy Match at Wartrace will be November 3, for more info always check out our website.

Until next time may all your shots "ring steel". Happy Trails

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wartrace 9/25/12 Cowboy Match

31 Cowboys and Cowgirls came out for our last match before the Tennessee State Championship. The weather was a little cooler than what we have been having and it was a welcome break. Whiskey wrote his usual fast and interesting stages, all of which had movement , no "Stand and Deliver" today.

Our posse started at stage 1 the Gallows and shot straight thru. Stage 1 with rifle and pistols we shot an outside, outside, inside, center, center, inside, inside, outside, outside sweep. I was real pleased with my 25 second run until they told me I shot the second pistol in the same sequence as the first. Fast (for me) doesn't help much if you don't do it right.

Grafton's was fun but gave a few pards trouble. We shot pistols and rifle alternating between single taps and double taps on 2 targets, it sounds easy enough till you go to your second pistol. p1,p2,p2,p1,p2, change pistols p2,p1,p2,p2,p1. This was a great stage for Gunfighters.

My best stage was Wells Fargo, you started in center of window, shotgun staged on window shelf, pistols holstered, rifle staged outside right door on barrel. You started at the shotgun with 4 knockdowns, move to the barrel and shoot the rifle in a 2-6-2 sweep on three targets, then repeat with the pistols.

Papa Dave was the Top Gun followed by Duck River, Cherohala Chase, Randy Saint Eagle, Jered Maddox, Dusty Wilcox,Sheriff Frank Canton, Sergeant Shooter, Capt. Jo Walker and Branchwater Jack rounded out the Top 10.

Our posse was small so I didn't get many pictures but I did manage to get 8 Videos.

Match Videos

Complete Scores

Don't forget the Tennessee State Championship Oct 11-13

We are past 75% full so get your entries in soon, last year we had to start a waiting list.

Hope to see you at the Match.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

The US Open and SASS Indoor World Championship

Papa Dave and I headed out before sun-up Wednesday for the US Open in Sparta Illinois. The US Open is held at the World Shooting Complex and this place is impressive, if I remember correctly from last year it sits on about 1600 acres, has 1000 RV hook-ups, 3 miles of Trap fields, Skeet, Sporting Clays and a 12 stage Cowboy area.

We arrived about 15 minutes before the rain so we checked in for the Open and the Indoor Wax Bullet World Championship, then we headed back into Sparta (10 minutes from the range) to check into our Bunkhouse.

Papa Dave went to a class on CD Tom's match scoring program and since the rain had stopped I headed over to the Cowboy range for some Side Matches. I shot the usual speed (not  much speed  for me) matches and I tried to shoot rifle targets off a mechanical horse (the kind that used to be in front of the Drug Store), John Wayne made it look a lot easier than it was.

After the side matches we took a few minutes to walk and check out the stages (yes I know we are "Gamers") before heading across town to chow down on some fine ribs. We had dinner with Fast Eddie, Witch Doctor, Pig Iron Lane, Tuco Forsyth and Hikes Point Hawk.

Thursday  we shot the late shift so we had lots of time to check out vendors and watch a little of the Indoor World Championship. Our rotation started at 2pm and it was mid 90's and 100 % humidity. This was the one time I was glad we were only shooting 4 stages a day. We had a couple on our posse that were about ready to quit when a cloud came up made it bearable for a little while.

Slick McClade was our Posse Marshall and if I had a choice I'd choose to be on his Posse anytime. Wilbur Green Rexroat was his Deputy, we also had Abe Cross,  Darby, Frenchy Youkon, High Brass, Horrible Hogan, JD Bullet, John Greywolf, Little Mama, Lonesome AL, Oliver Loving, Papa Dave, Phillie Boy, Randy Saint Eagle, Rose Louise Reasoner, Shorty Norton and Yee Haw. We finished the first 4 stages, packed up and by the time we drove 1/4 mile to the Vendor Mall it was raining.

After the first day of shooting we had a Pot Luck Cook-out followed by Side-Match awards and  some door prizes. Then we had to make an important side trip on the way back to the bunkhouse, the  DQ for ice cream. The Holiday Inn Express in Sparta is not cheap but they put out a great spread for breakfast and it's 7 minutes from the range.

Friday we shot midday so we checked out the vendors and the trap range before time to shoot. We had better weather, it was still hot but compared to Thursday it was pleasant. The stages went well and we were finished before 2 so we had some ice cream made with an old John Deere "Hit and Miss" engine by the local Farm Bureau and you can't buy anything that good out of a store. After cooling off we headed to the main complex to shoot the wax bullet Indoor World Championship. It was a pretty slow go but it was a ball to watch and do.

We finished the indoor match just in time to head to the Shotgun Shoot Out. I think we had more fun at this than anything we've ever done at a match. You started with two shooters,  against opposite walls of a Trap field, shotguns staged on tables near the shooters. You had 8 stationary clay birds on stands at various distances on each side. Shooters started moving toward a table in the center breaking clays on the way. Your last 2  stationary birds had to be shot from the center table, then you pushed a button on the table and 2  birds were thrown. The first shooter to break all 8 stationary and 1 aerial bird won and moved on to the next round. We got the first  rounds in before another storm blew in and ran us off the range.

Saturday morning we had to roll out early as our first round went down range at 8am. Saturday was my worst day as I had a single miss on each of the first 3 stages, but Papa Dave shot really well and closed out strong. I shot the last stage well. All the stages were interesting and we had lots of movement so you didn't get bored. Saturday's weather was perfect. We were blessed to avoid all the bad weather while shooting.

After getting some lunch we teamed up with Shamrock Sadie and Knot Hardly Dunn and headed to the Shotgun Flurry. 4 shooters shoot at 30 birds thrown by 3 trap machines and they count the birds that hit the ground unbroken, our team let 7 get away and we were pretty proud of that, but the winning team only let 4 by them. Next we headed to the Shotgun Shoot Out Final, Papa Dave and I shot against each other, I think it's no surprise Papa Dave beat me and got into the final. Papa had some shells hang up and Dusty Darrell won.  Slick's Sharp Shooter and Shamrock Sadie made the ladies shoot off and I must be getting old, I can't remember who won.

Next we headed to the Indoor World Championship Shoot Off and it was a hoot, I took several videos of the final so you can see for yourself. After the shoot off  we headed to the Vendor Mall for the Chicken N Beer Bash and the Outlaw Entertainment Party, what a way to close out a busy day.

Sunday morning started with what must be the hardest working Cowboy in SASS, Mose Spencer, preaching for Cowboy Church. Not only does Mose know how to run a great match and party he had an excellent lesson. After church we were treated to the World Shooting Complex Breakfast Pig Out Buffet. Once we were too full to hardly move, we headed to the next room for the Awards Ceremony. By this time Mose could hardly talk, so Ringo "by Gawd" Fire handled most of the MC duties. It was a Dooley Gang inspired rapid  fire presentation. Sugah took photos of all the winners.

Top Gun of the match was Prestidigitator, followed by Shell Stuffer, Duke Skywalker, Cowboy Carty, Roys Creek Dan, 6th Overall was Missouri Lefty (a Buckaroo), then Copperhead Joe, Fast Eddie, Frisco Red and Ol Short Tom rounded out the Top 10.

Shamrock Sadie was the \Ladies Top Gun followed by Two Sons,Lefty Jo, Slick's Sharp Shooter and Sixgun Sallie rounded out the Ladies Top 5.

Papa Dave won the Range Boss Category at the Open and is also the new Indoor Range Boss World Champion and I finished 4th in the Duelist Category.

This was the most action packed match I've ever been to, if you haven't been, think about it for next year and check out Mose and Bella's website.


Complete Scores

To take a look at some of the action check out my videos.


Photos By Sugah 1






Don't forget the Tennessee State Championship October 11-13, it should be the best one ever.

Tennessee State Championship

Happy Trails until we meet again.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Wartrace September 1 Cowboy Match

47 Cowboys and Cowgirls ignored the rain warning and converged on Wartrace to get some more range time in before the Tennessee State Championship. We had several East Tennessee and Alabama shooters all wanting to make it known they were coming to shoot and shoot well they did.

We also had a new member just moved here fom Kentucky and he let his presence be known as well, Welcome Cumberland Drifter.

Whiskey Hayes wrote some great stages as always. At The Jail you started sitting at the table outside the cell with pistols and shotgun on the table and your hands on your knees. At the beep you shot two 1-3-1 sweeps  with the pistols (while still seated) , moved inside the cell and shot two 1-3-1 sweeps with the rifle then moved back outside to the table and engaged 4 shotgun targets.

The KO Corral was the only "Stand and Deliver" stage but you had plenty to keep you busy. Gun order was shooters choice (can't end with rifle) and everything was shot from water trough. With the shotgun you had 2 clay tossers and 2 clay birds, pistols you put 5 shots each on 2 targets but couldn't do a 5 round dump. The rifle is where it got more interesting, you put 4 rounds each on 2 large rifle targets, 1 round on a Buffalo up on the berm and 1 round down the barrel of a cannon target.

At the Livery  you staged 1 pistol on each barrel, the shotgun and rifle on the table. You started at 1 pistol with a Nevada Sweep on 3 targets, moved to the rifle and tripple tapped 3 rifle targets, moved to the next pistol for another Nevada Sweep then back to the shotgun for 4 knock downs.

At the Wagon you started with a saddlebag in 1 hand holding the wagon wheel with the other. Rifle staged on 1 table and shotgun staged on the other. You carried the saddlebag to the rifle, single tapped 5 rifle targets twice, carried the saddlebag to the barrel shot the same sequence with the pistols then carried the saddlebag to the other table and engage 4 shotgun targets.

I saved the Depot till last however our posse shot it first. You started at the rifle, staged on a table either inside or outside the Depot with a basket holding your shotshells held in both hands, with shotgun staged on the other table. At the beep you placed the basket on the table, shot your rifle, carried the basket of shells to the shotgun table shot 4 shotgun kd's and finished with the pistols. As I said this was my first stage and also my last stage, I fell when I tried to stop at the shotgun and ended up with both pistols on the floor behind me. Some days you win, somedays you lose.

Marshall WD was the Top Gun of the day proving he intends to be a force to be reckoned with at the State match, followed by new member Cumberland Drifter, Sean Clancy O'Conall, Papa Dave, CW Knight, Outcast, Ben T Iron (the top 6 were in 6 different categories), Cherohala Chase, Lickskillet Charlie and Frank Buckshot rounded out the Top 10.

I always like to congratulate the pards who shot a "Clean" match, Brad Manco, Gnarly, Sean Clancy O'Conall and Tennessee Roadrunner.

Complete Scores


The Tennessee State Championship is over half full so don't wait too long to send in your entries.

There will  only be one more match at Wartrace before the State Championship, Sept. 15 Cowboy Match, Wild Bunch will Not be offered at this match.

For more info always check out our


Happy Trails and may all your shots "ring" steel.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wartrace Regulators Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match 8/18/12

34 Cowboys, Cowgirls and Wild Bunch shooters rolled into Wartrace for a Great day of shooting. The Cowboy shooters shot the same stages as the Main August Match which included a rifle knock-down at the Gallows, a 2 target Progressive sweep at Graftons and at Wells Fargo the 10th pistol round had to go on a rifle target and the 10th rifle round had to go down the barrel of a cannon. It was a really fun match doing some things we don't often do.

The Wild Bunch Stages were written by Tom Horn and they got in a lot more shooting than the Cowboys did. Don't let the scores fool you into thinking most of the Cowboys out shot most of the Wild Bunch. While the Cowboys had 50 shots with their revolvers, the Wild Bunch shot 140 rounds through their pistols. I'm sure they had a blast getting that much shooting in.

Buck Dodgers was the Top Gun of the day for the Cowboys followed by Papa Dave, Randy Saint Eagle, Ben T. Iron, Duck River, Tombstone John, Cherohala Chase, Dusty Wilcox, Sheriff Frank Canton and Birdshot Pete (a Buckaroo) rounded out the Top 10.

CW Knight was the Wild Bunch Top Gun, followed by Frank Buckshot, Papa Oso, Deadwood Miner, Marshall Hiram Stephens, Tom Horn and Demented Frenchman.

I always like to recognize the folks who shoot a "Clean" Match and this match for a change I'm in that group. Congrats to Buck Dodgers, Papa Dave, Randy Saint Eagle, Ben T Iron and Fort Knox.


Complete Scores

The next match at Wartrace will be the Long Range Match August 25.

Don't forget The Tennessee State Championship, The Regulators Reckoning will be October 11-13 2012
Get your entries in soon, last year we were full and had to turn away shooters. For and application and more info check this link.

Tennessee State Championship

This year our Main Match Sponsor is The Outpost Armory check them out for your guns and shooting supplies and just stop in and thank them for being our sponsor.

The next Cowboy Match at Wartrace will be September 1, check out our Website for more info.

Happy Trails until we meet again.

Shoot Straight and may all your "Bangs" end with a "Clang".

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wartrace Regulators August 4 Cowboy Match

40 Cowboys and Cowgirls ignored the hot weather and threat of rain to head to Wartrace and have some Cowboy fun. We had some clouds and a light breeze part of the day that helped and the only rain I saw was on my way home. Once again we  lucked out and had a nice day.

Whiskey Hayes wrote some fast and fun stages and 3 were "Stand and Deliver" to help out in the heat. We had some fun things we don't often do. Like a Progressive sweep on 2 targets (I got a "P" but it was because I changed how I planned to shoot it as I was heading to the loading table), a sweep sequence that didn't end on an outside target, a rifle knock down, a pistol shot on a rifle target and a rifle shot down a 6" pipe. I really enjoyed the stages and there were no "P" traps, even though I got one and if you think they were not fast look at the top score.

It was great to have 5 Cowgirls shooting with us today, I hope that number continues to increase. We had friends join us from East Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi and Colorado. If you don't think the talent that comes to Wartrace covers the entire range of Cowboy shooters, check the scores. The Top Shooter was a Junior, 2nd was a Range Boss (75+) and the Top 10 shooters were in 10 different Categories.

The Top Gun of the day was Campo Kid with a 5 stage total time of  84.93 seconds (less than a minute and a half of shooting all day) 2nd was Papa Dave, followed by Buck Dodgers, Ocoee Red, Tabasco Jot, Duck River, Randy Saint Eagle, Ben T Iron, Dusty Wilcox and Sheriff Frank Canton rounded out the Top 10.

Someone needs to tell Campo Kid if he would slow down he'd get a whole lot more shooting time for his money.


Don't forget it is only a month till the US Open if you are a current State Champion or Regional Champion in any  Official SASS Category you get a free entry. For more info check out this link.

US Open

Then the following week you can go to the Memphis Match, A Gunfight in Dixie, the last leg of the Triple Crown and I hear it is going to be a good one.

A Gunfight in Dixie

Don't forget the Tennessee State Championship, The Regulators Reckoning, October 11-13. This year we have a 175 shooter limit so get your entries in early.

Tennessee State Championship

Our next Wartrace Match will be the Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match August 18, Safety Meeting 9:30. For more info always check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators

Having trouble with a slideshow, will add later hopefully.

Until we meet again, Happy Trails, and may all your "bangs" end with a "Clang".

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Black Gold Shoot Out 2

Thursday morning I saddled my pony and headed to over to Tombstone's John's spread. We loaded his wagon and headed north to The Ponderosa Pines for Copperhead Joe's Black Gold Shoot Out 2. Right after we got through the badlands near Columbia, KY we had to circle the wagon to avoid trouble, but that's another story.

We rolled into Ponderosa Pines in the rain about mid-afternoon. We signed in and headed to the side matches to check out the range and make sure all our guns were ready to go. They offered all the usual side matches plus a few interesting ones. Long range wrong hand pistol and Long range Outlaw pistol for a couple.

After the Side Matches ended we checked out the vendors, visited with old friends and met some new ones. We had dinner at the range and went back to the room to get ammo ready and go over the shooters book.

Friday morning Copperhead Joe welcomed everyone to the range. T-Bone Dooley had a brief safety meeting. We had a little cowgirl sing the National Anthem, followed by the Pledge and a Prayer, then we were off to start shooting. We were blessed with a little rain (it's been pretty dry around most parts) and even more blessed that most of the rain that fell over the weekend was after the shooting was finished and gear put away. The stages were good, targets were big enough, close enough and there were no "P-Traps". After we finished 5 stages we had lunch on the range, visited with more friends before heading to the room to get ready for the night's festivities.

We had dinner at the range, side match awards and and a country band.  In case you haven't noticed the trend, all lunches and dinners were included. Also "Desert Wars" was going on with all money raised going to the SASS Scholarship Fund.

Saturday morning brought the last 5 stages and we were blessed that the rain held off until we were finished.
All the stages had some movement to them, so you didn't get bored, but not so much that you felt like you were at a track meet.

The humidity was high all weekend but they kept water and sports drinks on the range so everyone could stay hydrated. They had several canopies up so you could get in some shade if you weren't working or shooting.

Saturday night brought on more food with a real good Fish Fry. Copperheads family did the cooking all weekend and if you left hungry any day it was your own fault.

Tennessee Tall and her friends passed out door prizes and all shooters present got something. Copperhead, Miss Bo and Ringer gave out the Main Match awards and congratulated all shooters.

Top Gun of the match was Prestidigitator, Sixgun Sallie was the Ladies Top Gun. Second overall was Red River Ray, followed by Lead Ringer, Little Wing, Asleep At The Wheel, Fast Eddie, Boozy Creek, Unpleasant, Missouri Lefty and T-Bone Dooley rounded out the Top 10.

This shoot was the second leg of The Triple Crown and drew some really good shooters and close competition, the top 4 shooters were separated by 3.3 seconds. It drew shooters from 15 states and as far away as Oregon and California.

For complete scores check out their Website .

Then to close out a great weekend Blackwater Desperado and Milkbone played their great Southern Rock.

It's hard to see in the pictures but if you look to the left of some of the award pictures you can see the Rainbow God blessed us with.

Check out my YouYube Channel for some videos I took. Wartracecowboys Channel.

A special thanks to Rose and Boots, Copperhead Joe's parents, because as Joe said without them none of this would have been possible, including Joe.

If you missed this match, I'm sorry. If you're looking for a laid back match for next year check this out and sign up early cause it doubled in size from last year.

Happy Trails and may all your shots "Ring Steel".

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wartrace Regulators July 7 Cowboy Match

31 Cowboys and Cowgirls braved the 100+ degree heat to roll into Wartrace and have some Cowboy Action fun. Whiskey Hayes and Papa Dave for the first time I can remember, decided due to the extreme heat to have a relaxed cowboy dress code. The only requirement was a cowboy hat, I think it was welcomed by everyone.

Whiskey had his usual great stages with a good amount of movement on all but the Corral. But we had two clay tossers and clay birds to shoot, all we were missing was the Texas Star [or better yet 2 stars].

We shot all our stages in town, besides the Corral we shot the Train, Depot, Livery and Jail. There was plenty of ice water on the range to keep folks hydrated.

We had two shooters shooting their first Cowboy Match, Miss Scarlett and Joe Smith (a Buckaroo). I hope they enjoyed it and come back again.

Buck Dodgers was the Top Gun of the day, followed by Duck River, Barkeep, Randy Saint Eagle and Papa Dave rounded out the Top 5.

We had 2 Clean shooters, Cheyenne Thornton and Deadwood Miner, congratulations guys.

We had 7 Alabama shooters come up and join us, hope you pards can make it back often. I'd like to say a special thanks to Lickskillet Charlie for delivering my bullets.

I had to work in the morning and didn't get to the range until Posse 1 was almost finished with their 2nd stage, so I wasn't able to take any pictures. I have to thank both posses for letting me cut in and jump back and forth to catch up.

Scores When Available

A few of us are heading north next week to shoot in Copperhead Joe's  Black Gold Shoot-Out
if you have some time and are looking for a really fun shoot call Joe and come on they'll make room for you.

The next match at Wartrace will be the July 14 Cowboy/Wild Bunch.

Until we meet again, Happy Trails and may all your shots ring steel.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wartrace Regulators Cowboy/Wild Bunch June 16 Match

31 Cowboys, Cowgirls and Wild Bunch shooters rode into Wartrace to brave the heat and try their luck on the same stages we shot at the June 2 match. As usual they were Whiskey Hayes typical good stages and they were modified by Papa Dave for the Wild Bunch shooters.

I don't know if it was just my shirt but I had 50 or more sweat bees on me at any given time. I sure am glad they don't generally sting.

Papa Dave and Buck Dodgers battled it out all day and in the end  Buck Dodgers was the Top Gun of the day, followed by Papa Dave, Scattergun Kid, Sheriff Frank Canton and Randy Saint Eagle rounded out the Top 5 for the Cowboy shooters.

Sunflower Kid was the Top Gun for the Wild Bunch shooters, followed by C W Knight, Slim Jim Dandy, Branchwater Jack and Emmett Moon rounded out the Wild Bunch Top 5.

Congratulations to CW Knight, Sheriff Frank Canton and Sunflower Kid for shooting "Clean Matches".

It was good to see Hennessey here shooting his first cowboy match in 9 years, welcome back.


Complete Scores

I'd like to wish Charlie Bowdre, Papa Dave and Scattergun Kid good luck as they shoot End Of Trail, the SASS World Championship, next week.

The next match at Wartrace will be the Long Range Match, June 23, followed by the Main July Cowboy Match July 7. For more info always check out our Website.

If you're looking for a good match to travel to check out the Black Gold Shootout, you know Copperhead Joe and that gang know how to have fun.

Blackwater and his band Milkbone will be there playing some great Southern Rock, don't miss it.

Happy Trails until we meet again, shoot straight and keep your powder dry.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wartrace Regulators June 2nd Cowboy Match

44 Cowboys and Cowgirls rolled into Wartrace today to live out some Cowboy fantasies and have a little  fun. Whiskey Hayes set up a good match, even at Wells Fargo Bank where some weren't fond of the pistol knock down target. The KD was close and went down easy if you hit it (which I didn't).

At the Gallows you had to shoot your way out of a hanging. At the Line Shack you were a Texas Ranger trying to arrest Juan Cortina. In Grafton's you were Blue Duck in a gunfight with Gus. At Grafton's you had split pistols and split shotgun so you covered a lot of ground in one room.  At the Cemetery you were Marshall Thomas trying to arrest Bill Doolin. Last at Wells Fargo you were Butch Cassidy robbing the bank.

Wells Fargo also had split shotgun and there were no "Stand and Deliver" stages. The weather was fantastic and the scenarios were fun.

Buck Dodgers was the Top Gun of the day followed by S A Pondwater, Tabasco Jot, Ben T. Iron and C W Knight rounded out the Top 5.

We also had 9 "Clean" shooters, congratulations to Ben T. Iron, Brush Creek, Cash Jackson, Jagged Rock, Link Jones, Papa Oso, Sunflower Kid, Tennessee Nud and Willy McCoy.

Last month we presented the Eagle Eye Award,  recognizing the Wartrace Regulator with the most "Clean" matches in 2011, to Papa Oso. I included his picture in the slide show but I don't think it got noticed. Since I had to work today before the match and wasn't able to take any pictures I thought I'd post that one again.

Congratulations Papa Oso.

Complete scores

Our next match will be June 16 Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match, for more info always check out our website

Happy Trails until we meet again.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wartrace Regulators Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match

On Saturday May 19, 34 Cowboys, Cowgirls and Wild Bunch shooters rolled into Wartrace for a little Cowboy fun. It was a hot day for spring but it was dry and we were happy.

We shot at the Train, Depot, KO Corral, Jail and Fort Sweeney. Whiskey wrote some great stages as usual, all had enough movement to keep it interesting except the corral and it had 7 knock downs.

We had one new to Wartrace shooter, welcome Rooster Colt.

Last year we started recognizing the Wartrace Regulator who shoots the most "Clean Matches" each year and this year we are proud to award it to  Papa Oso.

Whiskey Hayes was the Top Gun of the day and he was shooting his usual Classic Cowboy. It's impressive to see the top shooter shooting 45 Colt and duelist style pistol and a hammered double barrel shotgun.  Whiskey was followed by Randy Saint Eagle,Tombstone John, Sergeant Shooter and Emmett Moon (Top Wild Bunch).

Emmett Moon was the Wild Bunch  Top Gun  followed by Sunflower Kid, CW Knight, Frank Buckshot and Deadwood Miner rounded out the top 5.

Congratulations as well to Cheyenne Thornton, Grey Horse, Gringo Gordo, Ida Shot'em, Imis Twohofon, Papa Oso and Sunflower Kid for shooting "Clean Matches".

Complete Scores


The next Cowboy Match at Wartrace will be June 2nd, Safety Meeting 9:30, for more info always check our Website

Keep your powder dry, shoot straight and may all your bangs end with a clang.

Happy Trails.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 Watertown Train Robbery

A few months ago Buffalo Red Rock approached me with the idea of robbing the train to Watertown and wanted to know if I could get the word out to the rest Wartrace Regulators and see if anyone was interested. It seems the train has been robbed before but the numbers were dwindling on the last Gang to rob it and they were trying to recruit some new help.

Well I sent out a telegraph and it seems some of the Regulators were getting stir crazy after a long winter and robbing a train seemed like a good idea.

Buffalo Red Rock procured enough ammo to pull off the job and we met with the old gang to plan this out. Seems like the train was heading to Watertown on May 12 for some kind of Shindig so we decided the passengers would have lots of money for that, then we found out a US Marshall was on the train with a shipment of gold and that just sealed the deal, the 12th it would be.

We had so many Regulators in on this that I know I'll leave someone out but I'll try to list all I can remember. Cheyenne Thornton, Mortimer Smith, Demented Frenchman, Dusty Wilcox, Papa Oso, Chickamauga Slim, Buffalo Red Rock, Randy Saint Eagle, Joe and Jo C Dirt.

We stopped the train a few miles out of Watertown on a lonely stretch of track so we could rob it without being seen. A few took a chance they could elude the law in Watertown and stayed on the train as it finished the trip just to make sure no passengers were holding out any money. The rest of us rode back into Watertown  before the news reached town so we could mix into the crowd and look like we had been there all along. We also hid the loot in one of the town buildings planning to split it up later.

It seemed like a normal day in town after a Trail Drive, a little poker playing and some bragging about who was the best shot which led to shooting holes through quarters on Main Street. There were a couple of shootouts, some back shooting and then the Marshall, with some tips from kids on the train, found the loot.  Soon after the strong box was found some of the gang tried to steal it again. Well it seems we didn't get the whole story when this job was planned and the gold was going to a scholarship fund for Watertown kids.  After learning this, a few of us had a change of heart and helped the Marshall run the Owlhoots out of town before they could get the money.

All seemed well so it was back to shooting quarters and blowing off steam on a Saturday in town. Well, we just thought the crooks had been run out of town. While we were having a big time they snuck back into town grabbed the strong box and headed toward the Depot.  Well the Marshall and all his newly appointed Deputies gave chase in a running gunfight from the town square to the Depot. The Marshall and his posse was able to get back all the loot and save the scholarship fund.

It seems we got down to the Depot just in time as Annie Oakley was setting up a trick shooting demonstration shooting holes in playing cards held up by her assistant, he didn't seem too smart holding up them cards but that little gal can shoot and he went home with all his fingers. Some of the cowboys were  still wanting to show their skill and were shooting balloons out of the air and shooting holes in quarters, some more than one at a time, I think I saw three shot at one time.

It seems there was still some bad blood between what was left of the Outlaws and the Marshall and his new Deputies that erupted into gunplay. When the smoke cleared most of the Owlhoots were on the ground  and the day was saved, just in time for the passengers to board the train and head back to a more civilized area.

If you're interested in heading to Watertown check out their Website.

For information on train trips check out their Website

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wartrace Regulators April 21 Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match

26 Cowboys, Cowgirls and Wild Bunch shooters converged on Wartrace this morning for the mid-month shoot. It was a little cool but it was dry.

 I had to work this morning but got to the range about 11 and I'd like to thank everyone on both posses for letting me jump back and forth to catch up. As usual Whiskey wrote some fast and fun stage,with enough movement to keep things interesting. Papa Dave handles the Wild Bunch stages.

 It was great to see 4 Cowgirls shooting today, I hope that number will continue to increase.

 Buck Dodgers was the "Cowboy Top Gun" followed by Sergeant Shooter, Randy Saint Eagle,Dusty Wilcox and Sheriff Frank Canton rounded out the Top 5 Cowboys.

 Duck River was the "Wild Bunch Top Gun" followed by C W Knight, Emmett Moon, Frank Buckshot and Papa Dave rounded out the Top 5 Wild Bunch.

 Congratulations to the 6 shooters who shot "Clean Matches", Buxom Boo, Cheyenne Thornton, Cody Kid, Deadwood Miner, Sergeant Shooter and Sheriff Frank Canton, not an easy feat.

 I personally would like to thank everyone involved in these matches, I haven't been able to help much due to work, but I certainly appreciate everyones effort.

 Complete Scores

 I wasn't able to get any pictures. But Buck Dodgers posted a few videos on his Facebook Page.

The next match at Wartrace will be the May 5th Cowboy Match, Safety Meeting at 9:30. For more info check out our Website

 Don't forget to travel to some other matches and see how things are done elsewhere.

Coming up May 3-6 Georgia State Championship.

May 25-27 James Gang Rides Again

July 12-14 Black Gold Shootout Sept. A Gunfight in Dixie, I couldn't pull up their website to get a link.

Sept. 4-9 U S Open

Oct. 5-7 Ambush At Cavern Cove

Oct. 11-13 Tennessee State Championship

There are many more just check out SASS Clubs

Get out to a match, have fun and may all your "Bangs end with a Clang".

 Happy Trails.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rockcastle Rangers 4/14/12 Match

Papa Dave, Sheriff Frank Canton and I decided to head north to visit the Rockcastle Rangers. Dora Dufran and Brad Manco met us up there. Upon arrival you could tell Shaddai and the Rangers had been busy preparing for The James Gang Rides Again their second Annual Match. It looks like it is shaping up to be a Great Match.

After signing up and visiting with friends Papa Dave conducted a brief Safety Meeting, Shaddai led us in the Pledge to The Flag and Perfecto Vaquera offered a prayer. We had one posse with 15 registered shooters. This is the equivalent of their mid-month match and the crowd is a little smaller.

Shaddai had some interesting stages and always does some things that make you think a little. I enjoy shooting some scenarios I don't see very often. The stages were fast as evidenced by a 14.86 run on 24 targets on stage 2 by Campo Kid. Quite a few of us seemed to experience some gun trouble. We also had a couple of stage DQ's, but in spite of all that a few shooters put together some great times.

We shot 3 stages then were provided with a free lunch before we finished the final 3 stages.
By the time we had our gear packed they were ready for an Awards Ceremony.

Black Tom was the Top Gun, followed by Campo Kid, Shaddai Vaquero, Papa Dave and Let's Go rounded out the Top 5. Fire N Fallback and Cleve provided us with plenty of smoke.
Cowboy Brian, a brand new shooter decided not to shoot, instead he observed and helped out all day, I expect he'll be shooting their next match.

We were able to take 19 videos I posted on my Youtube Channel

Complete Scores when available.

We had a great time with the Rangers and hope to shoot with them again soon.

On the way home in an effort to uphold Cowboy Tradition we stopped in Bowling Green for ice cream at Brusters.

The next match at Wartrace will be the April 21 Cowboy/Wild Bunch. For more information always check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators

Happy Trails and may all your "Bangs End With A Clang".

Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 South Carolina State Championship

Buck Dodgers, Tombstone John, Sheriff Frank Canton and I (Randy Saint Eagle) hitched up the covered wagon and planned to head out before daylight Thursday morning to Greenville South Carolina. I say planned because we ended up leaving about an hour later than expected (ask Frank). John brought two boxes of country ham and biscuits so we ate well on our journey.

We rolled onto the grounds of the Greenville Gun Club, home of the Greenville Gunfighters and Manse's Revenge around 2 pm. We checked in, got our badges, unhitched the wagon, unpacked our gear and headed to the Side Matches.

We were treated to the usual speed events, I don't know about Long Range, I didn't notice any signs but since I don't shoot it, I wasn't really looking. Buck had a great run with the rifle, 10 shots alternating on 2 targets in 2.74 seconds. That run held and Buck won the Speed Rifle Plaque.

After the Side Matches we finished setting up our "range camp" and found the "bunkhouse" (Phoenix Inn). After checking we we went in search of a steak, which we found at Outback.

I had to be at the range a little early Friday morning for the Posse Marshall walk thru, so we tore ourselves away from the breakfast buffet at the Pheonix and got to the range about 8 am. This was my first time to be a Posse Marshall at a big match and I want to thank Cowboy Junky for asking me. I now have a new found appreciation for Posse Marshalls.

The opening ceremonies started at 9:30 and after the Pledge, Prayer and Safety meeting we were on our stages and ready to shoot by 10 am. The stages were well thought out with good props, and enough movement to keep it fun. There was only one "Stand and Deliver" stage and it had a pistol knock down to keep it interesting.
Stages 1 and 2 are up on the hill and a pretty good hike from stage 5 but they provided a wagon to haul you and your gear up and back.

They had 2 small posses on the same stage so one worked while the other shot. This worked well and we had a good group of cowboys and cowgirls on posses 7 and 8 including Boozy Creek, Posse Marshall for 8, Sonora Moon, Rounder, Lucky RK, Shamrock Paddy, Dustin Clays, El Carerra, Santa Fe Gal, Abeline Al, Lightning McCoy, Blackwater, Three Cut, Kid Ziggy, Amorous Ali (who had to drop out the second day due to a back injury),Frank, Buck, John and I. I hope I didn't leave out anyone.

We finished the first five stages by about 1:30 and had the rest of the afternoon to check out the vendors and catch a late lunch. For every $20 you spent with a vendor you got a voucher to swap for a raffle ticket. The raffle included two guns, a knife and a holster rig.

Pants A Fire Meyer, Amy and Rocky Walls invited us to their house for a cookout Friday night where we feasted on some fine burgers and all the fixins. We also got to shoot the breeze with them, Dancin' Duelist, Potshot Parker, Harman Hammer and a couple others who's names I can't remember (sorry). We also feasted on some fantastic homemade chocolate chip cookies (thanks Amy).

Saturday brought the last five stages and they were just as good as the first five. I struggled a little on some of these, the stages were fine but I had a few too many "Senior Moments". They had a posse shoot where every posse member armed with 10 rounds in their rifle cut a 2x4 in two, all firing at the same time. Posse 9/10 won with a time of just over 7 seconds.

After all the shooting was over we broke camp and hauled our covered wagon back to the bunkhouse. We stopped on the way for ice cream in honor of Papa Dave since he couldn't make this trip with us.

I'd like to thank Cowboy Junky and all the Greenville Gunfighters for a well done match. This was their first time to host the South Carolina State Championship and it was a good one.

Saturday night was the Awards Banquet and we were treated to some good food and fellowship. Most of the cowboys and cowgirls clean up real nice.

Marshall Harland Wolf was the Top Gun of the Match, followed by Dang It Dan, Red River Ray, Cowboy Junky and Kid Ray rounded out the Top 5.

Sixgun Sally was the Ladies Top Gun, followed by Shamrock Sadie, Ms Jewel, Slick's Sharp Shooter and Carolina Girl rounded out the Ladies Top 5.

Buck Dodgers was the Top Wartrace shooter, along with winning Speed Rifle he was
3rd Wrangler 10th Overall
Randy Saint Eagle 5th Duelist 46th Overall
Tombstone John 4th Silver Senior 54th Overall
Sheriff Frank Canton 7th Senior 88th Overall
Blackwater Desperado 4th Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter 158th Overall.

They had a total of 164 shooters.

For a look at some videos we took click on the link below to my YouTube Channel.

Wartracecowboy's Channel

Complete Scores

Professional photos by Longeye

The next match at Wartrace will be the Main April Cowboy Match Apr. 7, for more info check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators

And don't forget, travel to a match and see what you are missing.

Happy Trails.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 17 2012 Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match

35 Cowboy, Cowgirls and Wild Bunchers converged on the Wartrace range to help us keep Blackface Charlie on the Train. Keep Ruben Burrows and his gang from stealing the Wells Fargo strong box at the Depot. Keep some local bushwackers from taking J P Wiser's supplies from the Wagon. Find out how much you love trouble at the Corral and help keep Crazy Horse and his Braves from overrunning Fort Sweeney.

We were excited to welcome Dora Dufran, Josie Sara Marcus and Brushy Bill Roberts for their Cowboy Match, it's always fun to have new shooters.

It was nice to have 6 Cowgirls shooting with us today.

The weather was Fantastic and the stages were fun, the Cowboy shooters shot the same stages as the Main March match. The Wild Bunch shot on the same stages but with more pistol rounds.

Just before we finished it clouded up and looked like we might get wet but the rain held off and we stayed dry.

Buck Dodgers was the "Top Gun" of the day, followed by Randy Saint Eagle, Scattergun Kid was shooting really fast through the smoke and finished 3rd overall shooting Frontier Cartridge. Fourth was Imis Twohofon and Jailbreak Jake rounded out the Top 5 for the Cowboy shooters.

C W Knight was the Wild Bunch "Top Gun", followed by Frank Buckshot, Dirtwood Dobber, Papa Oso and Tennessee Roadrunner rounded out the Top 5.

Congratulations to Buxom Boo for shooting the only "Clean Match" of the day.

Complete Scores

I took a few videos and they can be seen at my YouTube link.

Wartracecowboy's Channel

The next shoot at Wartrace will be the Long Range Match March 24th. The next Cowboy Match will be our Main Match April 7th. For more information always check out our Website

Happy Trails until we meet again.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wartrace Regulators March 3 Cowboy Action Match

38 Cowboys and Cowgirls pulled into Wartrace early on a cool but sunny morning. This was the first match I'd been able to shoot since Jan.7 and I can't remember the last time I was able to be at the entire match instead of getting there about noon and shooting catch up.

Papa Dave had our safety meeting, Whiskey Hayes welcomed everyone Buck Dodgers offered a prayer and led us in the pledge. Whiskey was right when he said this was the best weather we'd had for a match in several months. I don't think I saw a cloud all day long and there was just enough breeze to keep you from sweating.

Whiskey Hayes had some great stages set up for this time of year. We had to run on all of them, something we can't do at the 100 degree summer matches. Two of the stages used the same targets for rifle and pistol. At the wagon we started at the back of the wagon, ran to the first location, shot the rifle, moved to where the shotgun was staged, grabbed it and moved down range to shoot the shotgun and pistols. At the corral we shot the shotgun, rifle then carried the rifle down range and placed it on a barrel then shot the pistols. At the train we shot 2 shotgun KD's from the engine, moved to the coal car for the rifle and pistols then back to the engine for the final 2 shotgun KD's.

Buck Dodgers was the Top Gun of the day followed by Papa Dave (1 rank point and just over 5 seconds back), Sergeant Shooter, CW Knight and Cherohala Chase rounded out the Top 5. Buck was the fastest on the Train, Wagon and Fort Sweeney and Papa was fastest at the Depot and the KO Corral.

Congratulations to Ida Shot'em and Papa Dave for shooting the match "Clean", something that takes lots of concentration.

Before the match I decided to try out a back-up rifle I hadn't shot in a while and some pistols I just got back from being slicked up and short-stroked by Slick McClade. I broke the firing pin on the 3rd shot out of the rifle, guess I've got something to do this week now. The pistols worked great but after the second stage I decided I need to practice a lot to get used to the really light trigger pull, I ended up with 8 misses, all from pulling the trigger before I really meant to. With 196 misses out of 36 shooters, remember the other 2 shot clean, I guess I'm not the only one who needs to clear the cobwebs out and get back into the swing of shooting.

Willie McCoy was there selling bullets and said he plans to be set up at every main month match.

Lone Wolf Swain was supposed to be there with shot and bullets but the Friday tornadoes in Alabama came close enough to him that he had to spend the day cutting trees, I hope everyone is ok after this last round of storms.

We had a few new folks join the Wartrace Regulators Saturday but they didn't shoot the match, hopefully they'll be ready to shoot by next match.

Latigo Jim is having some health problems and wasn't able to be with us, I hope he can get back to shooting soon.

I was only able to take a few pictures.

I also took a few videos.

Complete Scores when available

Just a reminder Wartrace dues are past due and the gate combination will be changed on March 9, if you are a paid up member for 2012 you will get an e-mail with the new combination.

Our next match will be March 17 Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match.

For more info always check out our website.

If you're looking for a travel match don't forget the South Carolina State Match the end of this month.

Happy Trails