Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wartrace Regulators June 15 Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match

28 Cowgirls, Cowboys and Wild Bunch shooters rolled into Wartrace for some shooting fun. It was a beautiful day and we had some great stages to shoot. The cowboys shot the same stages as the first of the month and Papa Dave modified them for the Wild Bunch.

Brada Tat Tat had his friends from Italian Gun Grease come out and display and talk to us about their products.

Italian Gun Grease

Aaron and Gabe also donated about $125 gift pack each to the Cowboy Top Gun and the Wild Bunch Top Gun. Check out their website, I think you'll be impressed with their products.

I really enjoyed these stages, we had a lot of movement in 3 and not much in the other 2 so it was a good combination. I had to work that morning but got there in time to join in on the first stage.

Cumberland Drifter was the Top Gun for the Cowboys, followed by Big 6 Henderson, Randy Saint Eagle, Ben T Iron, Imis Twohofon, Sheriff Frank Canton, Fort Knox, Tombstone John, Grey Horse and Brada Tat Tat rounded out the Top 10.

Wild Jill Hickok was the Top Cowgirl, followed by Dirty Nerdy and Ida Shot'em.

Cumberland Drifter also shot a Clean Match, congratulations.

Branchwater Jack was the Wild Bunch Top Gun, followed by Duck River, CW Knight, Slug Vermin and Frank Buckshot rounded out the Top 5.

Itchy Vermin was the Top Lady Wild Bunch shooter and congratulations to Slug Vermin for shooting the only Wild Bunch Clean Match.

Complete Scores when avalaible.

I got a couple of videos.

My videos.

Aaron and Gabe with Italian Gun Grease took some pictures and videos and they can be seen on their

 Facebook page.

I also shared their video on my Facebook

My Facebook

Thanks again Aaron and Gabe.

Thanks again to everyone who came and shot and those who came to watch,  hope you all come back again.

The next matches at Wartrace will be the Long Range next Saturday the 22nd and our July Cowboy Match July 6th, for more info check out our


If you're looking for a match next Saturday check out

The Ocoee River Rangers

Hope to see you at a range somewhere.

Happy Trails.