Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wartrace Regulators Feb 1 2014 Cowboy Match

39 Cowgirls and Cowboys rolled into Wartrace to help Yosemite Sam in his exploits both good and bad. Due to the iffy weather this time of the year Whiskey Hayes wrote some fast stages with not a lot of movement. 4 of the 5 stages were shooters choice on the gun order.

At the Gallows you had to double tap the 5 rifle targets and 5 pistol targets and only 2 shotgun knock downs. Vaquero Jake had the fastest time  with a 16.21.

Stage 2 you quad tap each outside pistol target then single tap each inside pistol target, same sequence with rifle on the rifle targets and 4 shotgun kd's any order. The starting line for this was "I'm the fastest gun" and Vaquero Jake was with a 14.79.

At Grafton's you started behind the bar with the rifle on 1 window shelf and shotgun on the other, pistols were holstered and could be shot from either window. You shot the rifle and pistols in a progressive sweep on 3 targets (1 on target 1, 2 on target 2, 3 on target 3 and 4 on target 2, then 4 shotgun kd's any order. Vaquero Jake was again fastest with a 16.94.

At the Cemetery you started behind the table with pistols holstered and shotgun and rifle staged the table. With the rifle you had to put 10 shots on 2 targets any way you wanted, same with pistols and 6 shotgun kd's any order. Many of us decided to do 9 and 1 and as you can imagine with a dump on 1 target a few of us messed it up ( I thought I could count to 9). Cumberland Drifter had no trouble counting and shot this in a 21.42.

Stage 5 Wells Fargo Bank, you started behind the center gun shelf with pistols holstered and both long guns staged on the shelf. You had a 9 shot Nevada sweep on the 3 rifle targets, 2 5 shot Nevada sweeps with pistols and 6 shotgun kd's in any order. Shaddai Vaquero pulled out all the stops and shot this in a 19.37.

Cumberland Drifter was the "Top Gun" of the day followed by Shaddai Vaquero, Vaquero Jake, Double Nickle, Papa Dave, Duck River, Ben T Iron, Leadbone, Da' Lighnting and Randy Saint Eagle rounded out the Top 10.

Dodge City Dixie was the "Ladies Top Gun", followed by Doc Kay B May.

Congratulations also to Ben T Iron, CW Knight, Double Nickle, Duck River, Frank Buckshot, Papa Dave, Papa Oso, Randy Saint Eagle and Tennessee Roadrunner for shooting "Clean Matches".

Complete Scores

We were blessed with a great day, however the the wind kept it feeling a little cool. I was able to get a few Videos

The next match at Wartrace will be the Feb. 15 Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match. For more info always check out our website.

If you're a Wartrace Regulator don't forget it's time to renew your dues.

It's also time to start planning your travel matches. This year The Tennessee State Championship,at Wartrace, Oct. 16-18, will be the final leg of the Triple Crown of Cowboy Action Shooting, Smokin' Guns at Rabbit Ridge in Byhalia, Mississippi, May 23-25 will be the first leg and Midwest Classic in Sparta, Illinois, Sept 12-14 will be the 2nd leg. This will be a great series and a bargain way to shoot these 3 matches. For more info click on Triple Crown. Also read about the matches and special door prizes on the SASS Wire Thread.

Well, I'm sure you're tired of reading by now so Happy Trails until we meet again.