Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saturday Night Karaoke, Georgia State '09

After all the shooting was over we had time to go back to the Motel and clean up before a good dinner catered by Outback Steak House.
Following dinner T-Bone Dooley, Nuttin Graceful and Ringo fire cranked up the Karaoke. There were lots of good singers in the crowd, but one of the best was our own Marshall Red Stockburn.
T-Bone , Ringo Fire, Nuttin Graceful, Fish Creel Charlie and the rest of the Dooley gang really know how to throw a party. We stayed late and had a great time.

I almost forgot between dinner and Karaoke T-Bone and the Dooley Gang did Side Match Awards.

Congratulations to Buck Dodgers, winner of the Speed Pistol and Speed Rifle side matches.

Georgia State '09 Awards

Sunday Morning brought out the Awards Ceremony. We didn't stay for the Top Gun Shoot-Off on Sunday afternoon.

I don't have names for many of the pictures, some I didn't know and some I just couldn't think of (CRS kicks in sometimes).

Olin Winchester, Levi Creed, The Throwdown Kid

This is the future of our game, we need to strive to get more young men and young ladies involved.

We had an excellent time at The Georgia State Championship and if anyone looking at where to go in 2010, take a long hard look at this one.