Monday, July 20, 2015

Black Gold Shootout

Papa Dave and I headed out Thursday morning to Copperhead Joe's Black Gold Shootout in Manchester Kentucky. While I forgot about crossing into Eastern time when deciding what time to leave we still got there in time for the Side Matches. We met up with Dodge City Dixie, Reno Mustang, Cumberland Drifter, Georgia Dew, CW Knight , Linda, Dirty Nerdy, Brada Tat Tat and a host of other Cowboys and Cowgirls.

Papa Dave, Drifter and the others headed for the warm up stages and I went on up to the Long Range Pistol events. This is the only place I have been that offers a Long Range Wrong Hand Pistol event. This has to be shot Duelist style and with your weak hand at a 50 yard target. They also had Long Range pistol shot on the same target with any unsupported style and 1911 Long Range pistol also shot on the same target any unsupported style. There were several folks shooting the different classes, you could try as many times as you wanted for the highest number of hits out of a 5 shot string, Then at 4 pm they had the shoot-off  where you got one try to get as many hits as you could with 5 shots.

I got in line with a 1911 first and was able to hit 5 for 5 to make the shoot-off. Next I tried my Vaquero in the standard Long Range event and got on the trigger too hard on the third shot and fired before I was on target and ended up with 4 for 5 on that run. I got back in line, settled down and hit 5 for 5 on the 2nd try making that shoot-off. Next I lined up for the Wrong Hand event, I always shoot Duelist style for anything precision so I felt like I would be fairly comfortable with this as well and I was able to hit 5 of 5 making that shoot-off as well.

I then went over to the warm up stages and joined Drifter, Papa and the others until time for the shoot-offs. I ran through a couple of stages just to get the feel of the stages and then just relaxed a little waiting for 4 pm. When I went for the shoot-off I found out I was the only one to hit 5 for 5 in in Wrong Hand Pistol and 1911 Pistol, so the only shoot-off was in the Long Range Pistol and there were several folks in it. Several folks hit 4 out of 5 but I was the only one to hit 5 of 5 in the shoot-off.

After the Side Matches were over we had the start to the Hillbilly Olympics with a bucket brigade with buckets full of holes so everyone got pretty wet, then a string/ring game and a pot luck dinner.

Friday morning brought the start of the Main Match with Copperhead Joe welcoming everyone, after the Safety Meeting, Prayer and Pledge we headed to the stages to get started. I was on Posse 4 along with Posse Marshall, Big 6 Henderson, Ramblin' Royce, Loco Linda, Papa Dave, Trail Bandit, Shaddai Vaquero, Perfecto Vaquera, Vaquero Jake, Dodge City Dixie, Reno Mustang, Kid Ray, Sue Render, Captain Grouch, Hoss Blocker, Elm Savannah, CW Knight, Long Shot Seth and Prairie Cole( I hope I haven't forgotten anyone).                                                                                                                                          
They had some good stages set up and Iron Maiden did a lot of nice artwork on them. After shooting our first 5 stages we had a hot dog and fried bologna lunch. Then we had 3 person teams going head to head on a Texas Star for the rifle, plate rack for the pistol and 4 knock downs for the shot gun. You could pick your own teams and each had to have at least one lady shooter on each team. I shot on a team with Jackelope Jasper and Anita Margarita and then on one with Perfecto Vaquera and Kid Ziggy, it was a lot of fun, unfortunately I cannot remember who was on the winning team.

After supper we the Side match awards and a Bluegrass band playing. All I remember about the Side Match Awards was CW Knight won his Category in Wild Bunch and I won the 3 Long Range Pistol events I shot in.

Saturday morning brought out the final 5 stages and they were as good as the first 5 however I didn't shoot them nearly as well. Several of us had more issues on the final 5. The weather forecast was not too good for the match but God blessed us with no rain during shooting times for the entire weekend.
Again lunch was provided and then they had Man on Man Shoot-Offs. Papa Dave and I decided to skip the Shoot-Off and cool off back at the bunk house.

Saturday night was Fish Fry night and it was just as good as it was in 2012 when I was there. The Main Match Awards followed and Wartrace fared very well I think.

Vaquero Jake 1st Cowboy, 2nd Overall
Cumberland Drifter 1st 49'r, 4th Overall
Shaddai Vaquero 1st Duelist, 9th Overall
Papa Dave 1st Grand Patron, 37th Overall
Ben T Iron 1st Classic Cowboy, 39th Overall
Randy Saint Eagle 1st Senior Duelist, 44th Overall
Dodge City Dixie 1st Ladies B-Western, 45th Overall
Perfecto Vaquera 2nd Ladies B-Western, 65th Overall
Reno Mustang 5th Senior Gunfighter,  70th Overall
CW Knight 6th Silver Senior,   73rd Overall
Brada Tat Tat 9th Gunfighter  85th Overall
Dirty Nerdy 3rd Lady Wrangler  113th Overall
Ari Tist  3rd Cowgirl  147th Overall
Blackwater was shooting Outlaw and they scored it separately but I haven't seen scores

Missouri Lefty was the Top Gun of the match followed by Vaquero Jake, Three Cut,                 Cumberland Drifter  and Billy The Avenger rounded out the Top 5.

Ladies Top Gun was Sue Render followed by Dodge City Dixie, Honey B Graceful, Lefty's Lady and Perfecto Vaquero rounded out the Ladies Top 5.

There were 156 total shooters and if I recall correctly there were 44 Clean Shooters, a great percentage for a match.

Complete Scores

A couple of pictures

As always after the awards entertainment was provided by Blackwater and his Fabulous Band, Milkbone.

I have to thank Big 6 Henderson for being our Posse Marshall and thank Copperhead Joe, Miss Bo, Whiskey Creek Johnson, Iron Maiden, Rose and Boots and everyone involved in making this a great match.

The next match I'm planning is the US Open in Sparta Ill.

The next match at Wartrace will be Long Range this weekend 7/25 and the next Cowboy Match will be August 1st. For more info always check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators

Shoot Straight and may all your bangs end with a clang.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wartrace Regulators Independence Day Shoot

35 Cowgirls and Cowboys descended on Wartrace to celebrate our Country's Independence, and have some Cowboy Action Shooting fun. Papa Dave started us off with a Safety Meeting and next I was able to present Papa Oso with the 2014 Eagle Eye award for shooting the most Clean Matches at Wartrace in 2014. This was Papa Oso's 3rd time to win this award, he shoots lots of Clean Matches, congratulations Papa Oso.

Papa Oso photos

 SASS excepts nominations for a SASS Regulator badge for cowboys and cowgirls who go above and beyond to promote SASS, their home club and Cowboy Action Shooting in general. It takes a lot of signatures on a petition before SASS will recognize someone. We have 1 shooter who has been a big part in our club and in several other clubs before he moved to our area. He has also designed and built products to help cowboy action shooters and is always willing to help anyone getting started or just wanting to get better in Cowboy Action Shooting.

Papa Dave receiving Regulator Badge 7-4-15 photo Papa Dave receiving Regulator Badge from Randy Saint Eagle 7-4-15_zpsjx7m4z3s.jpg

It was a great honor and privilege for me to get to present PAPA DAVE with his Regulator Badge. I'd like to thank Dodge City Dixie for getting the ball rolling on this, Amaduelist for picking up the award at End Of Trail and mailing it to me from New Mexico so I'd be sure to have it this weekend. I'd also like to thank everyone who had a part in making this happen and keeping it a secret from Papa Dave, I think he was really surprised.

Papa Dave photos

This was a day of celebration and Whiskey Hayes also announced today was Blue Boy's 96th birthday, we think he is the oldest active SASS member, Blackwater and Shotgun Schoolmarm brought a cake and we celebrated with cake after the match was over.

Back to the match, after the Safety Meeting Whiskey Hayes offered a prayer and led us in the Pledge. Then the posse lists were read and we got started.

This year like last we had an exploding target to shoot, off the clock, at the Corral. Whiskey Hayes had his 9417 rifle there to shoot it with. That little .17 bullet is very accurate and fast enough to set off the Tannerite. There were a lot of big booms and a few misses but it was all just for fun.

We shot all the stages in the Old Town, Train, Depot, Wagon, Livery and Corral and all except the Wagon were Stand and Deliver. Whiskey Hayes makes sure we don't have a lot of running in the July and August Matches.

God blessed us with another good day of shooting. The weather forecast was for 60% chance of rain and all we had were overcast skies and a light sprinkle that might have lasted 5 minutes.

Cumberland Drifter was the Top Gun of the day followed by Papa Dave, Reno Mustang, Shaddai Vaquero, CW Knight, Ocoee Red, Kid Ziggy, Dodge City Dixie (also Ladies Top Gun), Randy Saint Eagle and Will Reilly rounded out the Top 10.

Dodge City Dixie was the Ladies Top Gun followed by Alchemist Belle, Doc Kay B May and TN Missy.

There were several trying to work toward the Eagle Eye Award this match. Clean Shooters included CW Knight, Deadwood Miner, Frank Buckshot, Papa Dave, Papa Oso and Sheriff Frank Canton.

We had one new shooter, welcome AO Bittles.

Complete Scores  

Blue Boy shooting Stage 1

The next match at Wartrace will be the July 18 Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match. Some of us will be at

Black Gold Shoot-Out 

If you plan to shoot the Tennessee State Match book your room soon I hear they are getting scarce.

Happy Trails until we meet again.