Monday, September 17, 2012

Wartrace 9/25/12 Cowboy Match

31 Cowboys and Cowgirls came out for our last match before the Tennessee State Championship. The weather was a little cooler than what we have been having and it was a welcome break. Whiskey wrote his usual fast and interesting stages, all of which had movement , no "Stand and Deliver" today.

Our posse started at stage 1 the Gallows and shot straight thru. Stage 1 with rifle and pistols we shot an outside, outside, inside, center, center, inside, inside, outside, outside sweep. I was real pleased with my 25 second run until they told me I shot the second pistol in the same sequence as the first. Fast (for me) doesn't help much if you don't do it right.

Grafton's was fun but gave a few pards trouble. We shot pistols and rifle alternating between single taps and double taps on 2 targets, it sounds easy enough till you go to your second pistol. p1,p2,p2,p1,p2, change pistols p2,p1,p2,p2,p1. This was a great stage for Gunfighters.

My best stage was Wells Fargo, you started in center of window, shotgun staged on window shelf, pistols holstered, rifle staged outside right door on barrel. You started at the shotgun with 4 knockdowns, move to the barrel and shoot the rifle in a 2-6-2 sweep on three targets, then repeat with the pistols.

Papa Dave was the Top Gun followed by Duck River, Cherohala Chase, Randy Saint Eagle, Jered Maddox, Dusty Wilcox,Sheriff Frank Canton, Sergeant Shooter, Capt. Jo Walker and Branchwater Jack rounded out the Top 10.

Our posse was small so I didn't get many pictures but I did manage to get 8 Videos.

Match Videos

Complete Scores

Don't forget the Tennessee State Championship Oct 11-13

We are past 75% full so get your entries in soon, last year we had to start a waiting list.

Hope to see you at the Match.