Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 17 2012 Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match

35 Cowboy, Cowgirls and Wild Bunchers converged on the Wartrace range to help us keep Blackface Charlie on the Train. Keep Ruben Burrows and his gang from stealing the Wells Fargo strong box at the Depot. Keep some local bushwackers from taking J P Wiser's supplies from the Wagon. Find out how much you love trouble at the Corral and help keep Crazy Horse and his Braves from overrunning Fort Sweeney.

We were excited to welcome Dora Dufran, Josie Sara Marcus and Brushy Bill Roberts for their Cowboy Match, it's always fun to have new shooters.

It was nice to have 6 Cowgirls shooting with us today.

The weather was Fantastic and the stages were fun, the Cowboy shooters shot the same stages as the Main March match. The Wild Bunch shot on the same stages but with more pistol rounds.

Just before we finished it clouded up and looked like we might get wet but the rain held off and we stayed dry.

Buck Dodgers was the "Top Gun" of the day, followed by Randy Saint Eagle, Scattergun Kid was shooting really fast through the smoke and finished 3rd overall shooting Frontier Cartridge. Fourth was Imis Twohofon and Jailbreak Jake rounded out the Top 5 for the Cowboy shooters.

C W Knight was the Wild Bunch "Top Gun", followed by Frank Buckshot, Dirtwood Dobber, Papa Oso and Tennessee Roadrunner rounded out the Top 5.

Congratulations to Buxom Boo for shooting the only "Clean Match" of the day.

Complete Scores

I took a few videos and they can be seen at my YouTube link.

Wartracecowboy's Channel

The next shoot at Wartrace will be the Long Range Match March 24th. The next Cowboy Match will be our Main Match April 7th. For more information always check out our Website

Happy Trails until we meet again.