Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wartrace Regulators Feb. 5 2010 Match

11 Cowboys braved the winter weather to come help defend Wartrace. I had to work but I checked the morning forecast, 40 degrees at 5 am. That didn't sound bad but they were predicting low 30's with 15 to 25 mph winds. When I came back through town to head to the range at 12:30 it was 29. I got to the range just as they were finishing the 3rd stage and it was chilly but the wind had died down some. You could tell they were having to contend with cold fingers as no one shot the match "clean".

We had 3 new shooters join us and 1 shooter I believe shooting his 2nd match. We'd like to welcome new shooters Rawhide John, his son Rawhide Nick and our newest Wartrace Regulator Tom Cassidy, also Cowpoke on I think his second match. Everyone seemed to be having a good time in spite of the cold.

Whiskey had 5 good stages written, some with movement to help warm you up.

The Top Gun of the match was our youngest shooter Vaquero Jake, he was followed by Papa Dave, his dad Shaddai Vaquero, Whiskey Hayes and Cheyenne Thornton rounded out the Top 5.

I was unable to take any pictures but if anyone sends me some I'll add them to this post.
I'd like to thank everyone who came out to shoot with us and promise sooner or later the weather will get better.

Our next scheduled match is Wild Bunch/Cowboy Feb 19. For more info always check out our Website

Complete Scores when available.

It's time to start thinking of Annual Matches you might want to travel to.

These are a few coming soon, travel to a match or two you'll meet lots of great Cowboys and Cowgirls.

Thanks to Rawhide John for sending me the pictures.
Please excuse the tennis shoes and ball cap the Timer Operator is wearing, I just got off work.

Until next time shoot straight and keep your powder dry.