Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ocoee Rangers 2-22-14 Cowboy Match

Sheriff Frank Canton drove the stage over to my spread well before the crack of dawn. After loading my gear I took over the reins and we headed to Manchester to meet up with Cumberland Drifter and Papa Dave. After some careful packing we were able to get everyone's guns and gear loaded and head on the Cleveland.

We rolled into range and pulled up beside Dodge City Dixie and Reno Mustang. It was looking like a beautiful day and a crowd was gathering. It had been over a year since I was able to make the trip so I was glad to be back. As always they started with a Prayer and the Pledge and a Safety Meeting. Then we divided into 5 posses and started shooting.

T-Bone wrote some good stages and we were able to see some things we don't normally see. 72 Cowgirls and Cowboys were there to test their skills. The Ocoee Rangers allow 1 re-shoot per shooter for ammunition or gun problems and on our posse several shooters needed it. Unfortunately there is not a re-shoot for dumb mistakes and before the day was done I needed that.

It was good to see lots of Cowgirls and Cowboys I hadn't seen in awhile. Yankee Dutchman was our Posse Leader and did a good job. Tom Cassidy, Tarheel, Bad Eye Tom, Hurricane Charley, Dirt Water Fox, Typhoon Bob, Delta Desperado and all the Wartrace gang along with Yankee made up posse 5. I probably left out someone and if I did I apologize.

Reno Mustang and I both managed to get Stage DQ's for different things but we'll both remember not to do those things again.

Unpleasant was the Top Gun of the day followed by Cumberland Drifter, Hurricane Charlie, Marshall Too Tall, Pleasant, Ocoee Red, Clancy O'Connell, Tabasco Jot, Barkeep Casey and Purly rounded out the Top 10.

Cumberland Drifter definitely fared the best of the Wartrace crowd with 1st 49'r,  2nd Overall.
Papa Dave 1st Cattle Baron,  17th Overall.
Dodge City Dixie 1st Ladies B-Western,  25th Overall.
Reno Mustang 4th Senior Gunfighter,  31st Overall.
Sheriff Frank Canton 1st Silver Senior,  32nd Overall.
Randy Saint Eagle 1st Senior Duelist,  39th Overall.

Complete Scores

With a small posse I was only able to take a couple of videos.

Thanks to Ocoee Red and all the Ocoee Rangers for welcoming us for a great day of Cowboy Action Shooting. If you find yourself in East Tennessee on the 4th Saturday check them out.

The next Wartrace Match will be this Saturday March 1 and I hope we have close to as nice of weather.

Hope to see you at a match.