Saturday, March 7, 2009

March '09 Wartrace Match

We had a damp start, but 65 Cowboys and Cowgirls came to shoot in spite of it. We had 1 new first Cowboy Match ever shooter.
I'd like to say welcome Flame, I hope you had a good time, I thought you did real well. Maybe Duck River won't teach you any bad habits.
I apologize for not taking many pictures, but I have a hard time concentrating on pictures, posse duties and shooting, so the pictures take a back seat.

Thanks again to Shotgun Schoolmarm, Sassy Lora and Annie Marlin for doing registration and stats.

Buck Dodgers is reworking our website and it's looking good.

Scattergun Kid has the scores posted

It turned out to be a great day with fast stages, but some that made you think. We also had a pistol and a rifle knock down, and a rifle reload stage. They seemed to be a little quiet about who wrote the stages, but I for one liked them, we need a change of pace sometimes.

Papa Dave is doing a Wild Bunch Match March 21 and our next regular match April 4. Don't forget the mid-month matches start back in April, with Latigo Jim heading them up.