Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 Watertown Train Robbery

A few months ago Buffalo Red Rock approached me with the idea of robbing the train to Watertown and wanted to know if I could get the word out to the rest Wartrace Regulators and see if anyone was interested. It seems the train has been robbed before but the numbers were dwindling on the last Gang to rob it and they were trying to recruit some new help.

Well I sent out a telegraph and it seems some of the Regulators were getting stir crazy after a long winter and robbing a train seemed like a good idea.

Buffalo Red Rock procured enough ammo to pull off the job and we met with the old gang to plan this out. Seems like the train was heading to Watertown on May 12 for some kind of Shindig so we decided the passengers would have lots of money for that, then we found out a US Marshall was on the train with a shipment of gold and that just sealed the deal, the 12th it would be.

We had so many Regulators in on this that I know I'll leave someone out but I'll try to list all I can remember. Cheyenne Thornton, Mortimer Smith, Demented Frenchman, Dusty Wilcox, Papa Oso, Chickamauga Slim, Buffalo Red Rock, Randy Saint Eagle, Joe and Jo C Dirt.

We stopped the train a few miles out of Watertown on a lonely stretch of track so we could rob it without being seen. A few took a chance they could elude the law in Watertown and stayed on the train as it finished the trip just to make sure no passengers were holding out any money. The rest of us rode back into Watertown  before the news reached town so we could mix into the crowd and look like we had been there all along. We also hid the loot in one of the town buildings planning to split it up later.

It seemed like a normal day in town after a Trail Drive, a little poker playing and some bragging about who was the best shot which led to shooting holes through quarters on Main Street. There were a couple of shootouts, some back shooting and then the Marshall, with some tips from kids on the train, found the loot.  Soon after the strong box was found some of the gang tried to steal it again. Well it seems we didn't get the whole story when this job was planned and the gold was going to a scholarship fund for Watertown kids.  After learning this, a few of us had a change of heart and helped the Marshall run the Owlhoots out of town before they could get the money.

All seemed well so it was back to shooting quarters and blowing off steam on a Saturday in town. Well, we just thought the crooks had been run out of town. While we were having a big time they snuck back into town grabbed the strong box and headed toward the Depot.  Well the Marshall and all his newly appointed Deputies gave chase in a running gunfight from the town square to the Depot. The Marshall and his posse was able to get back all the loot and save the scholarship fund.

It seems we got down to the Depot just in time as Annie Oakley was setting up a trick shooting demonstration shooting holes in playing cards held up by her assistant, he didn't seem too smart holding up them cards but that little gal can shoot and he went home with all his fingers. Some of the cowboys were  still wanting to show their skill and were shooting balloons out of the air and shooting holes in quarters, some more than one at a time, I think I saw three shot at one time.

It seems there was still some bad blood between what was left of the Outlaws and the Marshall and his new Deputies that erupted into gunplay. When the smoke cleared most of the Owlhoots were on the ground  and the day was saved, just in time for the passengers to board the train and head back to a more civilized area.

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