Monday, September 3, 2012

Wartrace September 1 Cowboy Match

47 Cowboys and Cowgirls ignored the rain warning and converged on Wartrace to get some more range time in before the Tennessee State Championship. We had several East Tennessee and Alabama shooters all wanting to make it known they were coming to shoot and shoot well they did.

We also had a new member just moved here fom Kentucky and he let his presence be known as well, Welcome Cumberland Drifter.

Whiskey Hayes wrote some great stages as always. At The Jail you started sitting at the table outside the cell with pistols and shotgun on the table and your hands on your knees. At the beep you shot two 1-3-1 sweeps  with the pistols (while still seated) , moved inside the cell and shot two 1-3-1 sweeps with the rifle then moved back outside to the table and engaged 4 shotgun targets.

The KO Corral was the only "Stand and Deliver" stage but you had plenty to keep you busy. Gun order was shooters choice (can't end with rifle) and everything was shot from water trough. With the shotgun you had 2 clay tossers and 2 clay birds, pistols you put 5 shots each on 2 targets but couldn't do a 5 round dump. The rifle is where it got more interesting, you put 4 rounds each on 2 large rifle targets, 1 round on a Buffalo up on the berm and 1 round down the barrel of a cannon target.

At the Livery  you staged 1 pistol on each barrel, the shotgun and rifle on the table. You started at 1 pistol with a Nevada Sweep on 3 targets, moved to the rifle and tripple tapped 3 rifle targets, moved to the next pistol for another Nevada Sweep then back to the shotgun for 4 knock downs.

At the Wagon you started with a saddlebag in 1 hand holding the wagon wheel with the other. Rifle staged on 1 table and shotgun staged on the other. You carried the saddlebag to the rifle, single tapped 5 rifle targets twice, carried the saddlebag to the barrel shot the same sequence with the pistols then carried the saddlebag to the other table and engage 4 shotgun targets.

I saved the Depot till last however our posse shot it first. You started at the rifle, staged on a table either inside or outside the Depot with a basket holding your shotshells held in both hands, with shotgun staged on the other table. At the beep you placed the basket on the table, shot your rifle, carried the basket of shells to the shotgun table shot 4 shotgun kd's and finished with the pistols. As I said this was my first stage and also my last stage, I fell when I tried to stop at the shotgun and ended up with both pistols on the floor behind me. Some days you win, somedays you lose.

Marshall WD was the Top Gun of the day proving he intends to be a force to be reckoned with at the State match, followed by new member Cumberland Drifter, Sean Clancy O'Conall, Papa Dave, CW Knight, Outcast, Ben T Iron (the top 6 were in 6 different categories), Cherohala Chase, Lickskillet Charlie and Frank Buckshot rounded out the Top 10.

I always like to congratulate the pards who shot a "Clean" match, Brad Manco, Gnarly, Sean Clancy O'Conall and Tennessee Roadrunner.

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The Tennessee State Championship is over half full so don't wait too long to send in your entries.

There will  only be one more match at Wartrace before the State Championship, Sept. 15 Cowboy Match, Wild Bunch will Not be offered at this match.

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Happy Trails and may all your shots "ring" steel.