Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wartrace Regulators August 4 Cowboy Match

40 Cowboys and Cowgirls ignored the hot weather and threat of rain to head to Wartrace and have some Cowboy fun. We had some clouds and a light breeze part of the day that helped and the only rain I saw was on my way home. Once again we  lucked out and had a nice day.

Whiskey Hayes wrote some fast and fun stages and 3 were "Stand and Deliver" to help out in the heat. We had some fun things we don't often do. Like a Progressive sweep on 2 targets (I got a "P" but it was because I changed how I planned to shoot it as I was heading to the loading table), a sweep sequence that didn't end on an outside target, a rifle knock down, a pistol shot on a rifle target and a rifle shot down a 6" pipe. I really enjoyed the stages and there were no "P" traps, even though I got one and if you think they were not fast look at the top score.

It was great to have 5 Cowgirls shooting with us today, I hope that number continues to increase. We had friends join us from East Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi and Colorado. If you don't think the talent that comes to Wartrace covers the entire range of Cowboy shooters, check the scores. The Top Shooter was a Junior, 2nd was a Range Boss (75+) and the Top 10 shooters were in 10 different Categories.

The Top Gun of the day was Campo Kid with a 5 stage total time of  84.93 seconds (less than a minute and a half of shooting all day) 2nd was Papa Dave, followed by Buck Dodgers, Ocoee Red, Tabasco Jot, Duck River, Randy Saint Eagle, Ben T Iron, Dusty Wilcox and Sheriff Frank Canton rounded out the Top 10.

Someone needs to tell Campo Kid if he would slow down he'd get a whole lot more shooting time for his money.


Don't forget it is only a month till the US Open if you are a current State Champion or Regional Champion in any  Official SASS Category you get a free entry. For more info check out this link.

US Open

Then the following week you can go to the Memphis Match, A Gunfight in Dixie, the last leg of the Triple Crown and I hear it is going to be a good one.

A Gunfight in Dixie

Don't forget the Tennessee State Championship, The Regulators Reckoning, October 11-13. This year we have a 175 shooter limit so get your entries in early.

Tennessee State Championship

Our next Wartrace Match will be the Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match August 18, Safety Meeting 9:30. For more info always check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators

Having trouble with a slideshow, will add later hopefully.

Until we meet again, Happy Trails, and may all your "bangs" end with a "Clang".