Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wartrace Oct 10 '09 Monthly Shoot

39 Cowboys and Cowgirls descended on Wartrace to rid the area of all manner of Outlaws and Holligans. The weather was less than ideal, but to those of us who were in Memphis for the State Shoot, A Gunfight In Dixie ( subtitled a Monsoon in Dixie), it seemed like desert conditions, we were dry before lunch and hardly even a drizzle in the afternoon.

Whiskey Hayes treated us to some good Stages, fast, and a couple that were like you might find at an annual shoot somewhere. I think Whiskey is doing a great job with interesting stages every month. For those who didn't know, stage 4 is the CAS World Record Stage, click on this link to see how you fared against the records.

We had some excellent shooters with us today and I'd like to welcome Prestidigitator, he's in school at MTSU and will be shooting with us for a while. He was also the Top Gun for the day.

I'd also like to give a special Congratulations to Vaquero Jake who finished 4th overall today and will be in the Shootist Category next month if he can make it back. This is a great feat for a Buckaroo shooter or anyone for that matter, it's not easy to get into the Top 5 at Wartrace.

Papa Dave and I shot Black Powder in our categories today in preparation for Possum Trott
Oct 23-25 '09. It gives you a much better appreciation for being able to see your targets.

The Top 5 were Prestidigitator, Whiskey Hayes, Will Reilly, Vaquero Jake and Lil' Marshall WD. I think it says a lot for the caliber of shooters we draw when you see the top 5 shot in 5 different categories.

Deadwood Miner and Randy Saint Eagle shot Clean Matches.

The next shoot, the mid-month, will be next Sat. Oct. 17th.

Until next time shoot straight and keep your powder dry.

Scores when available