Monday, October 10, 2016

2016 Tennessee State Championship

196 Cowboys and Cowgirls signed up for this year Regulators Reckoning, the Tennessee State Championship. We  started with the Workers Shoot on the 1st and 2nd and for the 1st time in several years the weather was nice with no rain.

We spent the rest of the week on the final preparations before everyone started rolling in. We ended up with 16 folks having to drop out, most due to Hurricane Matthew pounding the east coast.

Thursday was Are You Tough Enough To Wear Pink day and we had lots of Cowboys and Cowgirls wearing pink for the Side-Matches. For the last few years we've collected money for the American Cancer Society. This year Mrs. Pleasant challenged each posse to raise at least $100. Widdowmaker Hill offered to donate a Widder Soft Stroke Action Job to the Posse that raised the most money. Posse 5 collected $500 and gave the action job to Little Lady E. With the help of Mrs.Pleasant, Widder and all the Cowgirls and Cowboys who donated we were able to collect $2379.00 for The American Cancer Society.

We had all the normal Speed events, Long Range Rifle and Cut The Rope. The Cut The Rope is a 1/4" rope held taunt 30' away. Several shot it into with a rifle, I got it with the first shot out of my rifle. Koda Joe came up and said he only needed 1 shot so he loaded 1 round, cut the rope and put his rifle back up. Marshal Rico, Buford Tanner, Buxom Boo, Major Bill and Pilgrim Joe also cut one.  TN. Missy was the most prolific as she cut 6 of them. Tennessee Tombstone and I each cut one with a pistol Duelist style. Buford Tanner cut 2, Tennessee Williams, George Emmett, Joe West and Pleasant (probably duelist but I'm not sure) each cut one. I (Randy Saint Eagle) was the only one to cut one with a derringer.

After the side matches we had a Shoot-Off with 22 knock down targets. Everyone is eligible and we actually have 3 Shoot-Offs, 1 for Traditional shooters, 1 for Gunfighters and 1 for Duelists. I won Duelist, Billy The Avenger won Gunfighter and Prestidigitator  won Traditional. Tator was also the Overall Shoot-Off Winner.

Thursday was also  Chili Cook day headed up by Chas. B. Wolfson and Apple Annie from Arizona. Everyone had plenty of chili to eat and vote on the best. Linda and CW Knight had the winning chili.

Friday started with Whiskey Hayes welcoming everyone, Papa Dave gave the Safety Meeting and Whiskey offered a prayer and led us in the Pledge before everyone headed to their 1st stage. We shoot 5 stages each day and once the days stages were finished and everyone had time to eat lunch we had the Team Match. It was also shot with all knock down targets. 3 person teams were drawn and they could start with either rifle or pistol, tag the next shooter and when they were done,  tag the shotgun shooter who had 1 shotgun target plus any rifle or pistol targets still standing. I don't have the list but I think the winning team was Kathouse Kelly, Ocoee Red and Billy The Avenger.

The Friday Night Dinner was done by our onsite food vendor, Rolin' Chopsticks and it was really good. We also give out Side-Match awards and some additional door prizes. Donald Duke won a Henry .22 pump action rifle and every shooter present won a bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey.

Saturday morning brought a bit cooler weather but we really had  great weather all weekend. All the stages were fast and easy with ample opportunity to exceed your speed limit. The match winner had a total time of 165.35 seconds for 10 stages. After finishing and packing up, shooters had plenty of time to head back to their motels or RV's to get ready for the Banquet.

Our Banquet was catered by the Bell Buckle Cafe and the food was great as usual. We started the awards  by recognizing all of the Category State Champions. Then we went to the Top 5 in each Category, stopping to give away 2 more guns, a few more special bottles of Jack Daniels and a Papa Dave Gun Cart.

The  Men's Overall State Champion was Cumberland Drifter.

The Ladies Overall State Champion was Dew R Dye

The Men's Overall Champion was Lead Ringer

The Ladies Overall Champion was Slick's Sharp Shooter

The Top 10 Shooters were Lead Ringer, Blackhawk Henry, Prestidigitator, Christian Mortician, Cumberland Drifter, Double Nickle, Fast Eddie, Duke Skywalker, Billy The Avenger and Knob Creek Drover.

The Top 10 Ladies were Slick's Sharp Shooter, Dew R Dye, Kathouse Kelli, Shamrock Sadie, Dixie Pistols, Taco Belle, Dodge City Dixie, Miss Behavin', El Paso Susie and Two Step Net.

We had 37 shooters to shoot a Clean Math.

Complete Scores

Photos by Dirty Nerdy


Photos by Rolan Kraps

Photos by HT Terry, see text below

 There are 7 sub-buckets under the main heading of 2016 Regulator Reckoning. Once you click on that it will bring up the sub sub-buckets to let you see the pictures within them. I have tired to name as many people as I could, and apologize I could not do them all. If I have any named wrong, just let me know and I can fix it.

Klassic Laser Works did our awards and name badges this year and did an excellent job, they've agreed to come back next year. They'll be on site and can do laser work on stocks and pistol grips among other things.

I feel like this was one of our best State Championship ever and I hope all who came to shoot with us agree.  I want to thank everyone who helped  make this another great match and I hope everyone will come back again next year.

The next big match on my agenda is the Southeast Regional, Gunfight at Givhans Ferry

Happy Trails and may all your Bangs end with a Clang.