Tuesday, August 9, 2011

8/6/11 Wartrace Regulators Cowboy Match

43 Cowboys and Cowgirls came to Wartrace to brave the heat and help defend Wartrace from all manner of miscreants and thugs. This month we shot at the "Line Shack", "Cemetery", "Fort Sweeney", "KO Corral" and for the first time in the new berms, "The Wagon".

It was overcast all day so the temperature stayed down but the humidity was so high it felt like you could cut the air with a knife. We got to the last few shooters on the last stage before the rain started, but it was light enough it felt pretty good to me.

When the smoke had cleared Campo Kid was the Top Gun of the day (he is starting to make a habit of this, and I hope he continues), followed by Papa Dave ( who is always ready to ponce if you make any mistakes), Buck Dodgers, Vaquero Jake and CW Knight rounds out the Top 5. I find it interesting that a Junior won followed by an Elder Statesman, Wrangler, another Junior and a Senior, I think that is a pretty good mix. Next time we'll try to get a one-handed shooter in the Top 5.

Congratulations also to CW Knight, Campo Kid, Cherohala Chase, Cheyenne Thornton, Ida Shot'em and Tom Horn for all shooting "Clean ".

I took a few Videos with my still camera to try it out. They aren't too good but they are watchable. I hit a wrong key and wasn't able to get captions on all of them, one day I'll figure this out.

I was also able to get a few still pictures.

I'd also like to welcome back two former Wartrace Regulators who have rejoined, Colonel Reb and Gil Carter, Welcome Back cowboys.

Don't forget The Regulators Reckoning , The Tennessee Cowboy Action State Championship is coming soon for more information check out our Website.

Also our next match, Cowboy/Wild Bunch is August 20th, for more info click the above link.

Happy Trails and may every bang end with a clang.