Monday, March 23, 2015

Wartrace March 21 Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match

This was the best match day we've had this year and 34 Cowgirls, Cowboys and Wild Bunch Shooters came out to enjoy it. Papa Dave started us off with our Safety Meeting, Jagged Rock offered a prayer and we recited the Pledge.

We had 2 posses and shot the same stages as the Main March Cowboy Match, Papa Dave modified them as needed for the Wild Bunch folks. Posse 1 started at Grafton's where we started at either window holding a whiskey bottle in both hands. Rifle staged in either window, shotgun staged in opposite window, pistols holstered. Gun order was shooters choice, rifle not last. At the beep with rifle shoot 3 rifle targets in a 3-4-3 sweep, pistols shot per rifle instructions and 2 shotgun kd's. This was my best stage.

Next at the Outlaw Cabin we staged rifle and shotgun on the center gun shelf and had pistols holstered. We started standing in the doorway with hands touching the door frame. At the beep we moved to the center and shot the rifle in a 4 target progressive sweep, 1-2-3-4. Then 4 shotgun kd's and finished with pistols shot same as rifle. This is a sweep I really like but it was my worst stage.

At the Gallows we staged staged the rifle on one shelf  and shotgun staged on the other and pistols holstered, gun order shooters choice, rifle not last. Start standing beside either shelf with hands on hat and at the beep shoot the rifle in a 1-2-4-2-1 sweep on 3 targets, pistols were shot in the same sequence as the rifle and 2 shotgun kd's.

Next at Wells Fargo rifle and shotgun were staged on the center gun shelf, pistols holstered. Begin standing in either doorway hands on door frame, gun order shooters choice rifle not last. At the beep with pistols shoot a 5 shot Nevada Sweep on 3 targets and dump the second 5 shoots on the center target, rifle shot same as pistols and 4 shotgun kd's.

Last at the Cantina we staged the shotgun in either window, rifle in center doorway, pistols holstered. Start standing at the doorway with rifle or pistols shot first from the doorway then the other in two 1-3-1 sweeps from the same direction. Move to the shotgun and shoot 2 kd's from each window.

Papa Dave was the Wild Bunch Top Gun followed by Branchwater Jack, CW Knight, Sunflower Kid and Dirtwood Dobber rounded out the Top 5 Wild Bunch.

Dirtwood Dobber and Papa Oso shot the Wild Bunch Match "Clean'.

Cumberland Drifter was the Cowboy Top Gun followed by Buck Dodgers, Hikes Point Hank, Dodge City Dixie (Ladies Top Gun), Randy Saint Eagle, Black Jack Lee, Reno Mustang, Jailbreak Jake, Scrub Oak Willie and Brada Tat Tat rounded out the Cowboy Top 10.

Dodge City Dixie was the Ladies Top Gun followed by Garnet Gal, Alchemist Belle, Dirty Nerdy and Ida Shot'em rounded out the Ladies Top 5.

Cumberland Drifter, Ida Shot'em and Jailbreak Jake shot the Cowboy Match "Clean".

Complete Cowboy Scores 

Complete Wild Bunch Scores

Dirty Nerdy took some good videos.

Dirty Nerdy Videos

If anyone else will send me a link to videos from the match I'll add them to the blog.

The next matches at Wartrace will be the March 28 Long Range and the April 4 Cowboy Match.

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