Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Regulators Reckoning; The 2010 SASS Tennessee State Championship

The Tennessee State Championship is now in the record books and it was a great match. We had 154 Cowboys and Cowgirls come and try their luck. The good Lord smiled on us and we had fantastic weather. We started out on Thursday Oct 7 with the usual speed Side Matches, a 3 stage Wild Bunch Match and Long Range Matches.

We had 20 competitors in the Wild Bunch Match with Duck River winning the Traditional Category, Blackfish Kid won the Modern Category, Feisty Mama won the Ladies Traditional and Dew R Dye won the Ladies Modern.

Prestidigitator and Dew R Dye took home the majority of the speed event wood, but we had some fast Cowboys and Cowgirls that won the others.

I don't have a copy of the Long Range scores but there were several different winners in those events.

Friday morning Whiskey Hayes welcomed all the shooters and Papa Dave had a brief Safety Meeting followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, then Sgt. Shooter offered a prayer. By 10 am we had shots going down range.

Whiskey Hayes wrote and set up some interesting, fast and fun Stages with big close targets. Believe me, they were fast, the Top Cowboy averaged 16.8 seconds per stage for the match.
All were Gunfighter friendly with no split pistol stages. We shot 5 stages on Friday, followed by dinner and Karaoke ( Marshall Red Stockburn and Lilly Lynn kept it going). We learned that some of these Cowboys and Cowgirls can really sing well. We also had all of the side match awards and lots of door prizes, including 2 guns ( 1 from Mid-Tenn Guns and 1 from Franklin Gun Shop) and a Papa Dave Gun Cart.

Saturday morning brought another day of great weather and the final 5 stages. The range was divided into 2 sections with half the shooters shooting 5 stages in the Old Town and the other half shooting 5 on The Hill on Friday and swapping on Saturday. This kept down a lot of excess walking. Saturday went as well as Friday and we were done shooting by the middle of the afternoon. This gave everyone plenty of time to check out the vendors and and get ready for the Banquet at the Lakewood Country Club.

The range has seen lots of improvements in the last year and we have to say a big Thanks to all the Cowboys and Cowgirls who put in so much time getting it ready for this event. A special Thanks to Charlie Bowdre and Wes Outlaw for all the dozer work, building new berms and reworking the upper parking lot were just a few of the many things they did.

Saturday night brought one of the best Awards Banquets you'll find at a Cowboy Match. The food was great, we had a good Bluegrass Band and more door prizes including 2 more guns.

We have to say thanks to all our vendors and sponsors and especially to Ruger our Main Match sponsor ( who donated 2 of the 4 guns given away). Please check our Sponsor List and patronize these folks.

Prestidigitator was our Top Gun and Overall Tennessee State Champion, followed by Mose Spencer, Fast Eddie, Unpleasant, Silver City Rebel, Duke Skywalker, Mogollon Drifter, S A Pondwater, Ringer and Potshot Parker rounds out the Top 10.

The Top Cowgirl was Sixgun Sallie and Dew R Dye was the Ladies Overall Tennessee State Champion.

We had 16 Cowboys and Cowgirls shoot the Match "Clean and Smooth"

I also have to say thanks to Joe Sheetz at Designz By You for all his effort on our awards, I think he did and excellent job.

Most of all we have to thank all the Cowboys and Cowgirls who came to shoot with us and make this a Great Match. We hope you all had a Great time and plan to come back next October for the 2011 Tennessee State Championship in Wartrace. If you feel like we did not provide you with a Top Notch Event please Contact Us and let us know where we can improve.

I hope to see everyone again next year, until then shoot straight, be safe and have fun.

Also Thanks to Branchwater Jack for taking the Awards Photos.

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