Monday, June 30, 2008

The Regulators Reckoning The Tennessee State Championship 2008 info

You can now get an application off our website:  click
The Regulators Reckoning 2008, The SASS Tennessee State Championship, will be hosted by the Wartrace Regulators Oct.9-11, 2008. Last year we had over 150 shooters , so now is the time to start making plans to join us  for what is shaping up to be a great match.

This year we will recognize all SASS categories including Senior Gunfighter and Outlaw. 

I have not been able to get the application on this page so,
 If you have any questions,  please e-mail me {} and I'll send the info to you directly.

Below are the hotel and camping info for the State Match:


Executive Inn  

1410 N Jackson

Tullahoma, TN 


rate:  $55.00 single or double


Jamison Inn

2113 N Jackson

Tullahoma, TN 


rate:  $70.00 single or double

        $75.00 premium (w/refrig)


Hampton Inn

1922 N Jackson

Tullahoma, TN 


rate:  $104.00 single

        $114.00 double


Whispering Oaks Campground

812 16th Model Road

Manchester, TN  37355



All lodging is within 10-15 miles from range. 


Hope this helps .... Lora


Saturday, June 28, 2008

June '08 Main Monthly Match @ Wartrace

Marshall Red Stockburn at The Corral
Sheriff Frank Canton at The Train
Shaddai Vaquero

Shaddai Vaquero
Sheriff Frank Canton

We had 88 shooters I think a record for a monthly match for us. It was hot, lots of water consumed, hopefully by this time next year we'll have water at the range.  
Thanks to Fast Harley and Last Kiss for starting a "Road Trips" post on the SMSS and Ocoee forums to get some folks interested in coming to join us.

I think those who made it to the Bell Buckle Cafe afterward enjoyed a good meal. It was good to meet a lot of new folks, it may take me a few more meetings to remember your names.

It was fun taking Ziggy The Kid to the " Best Little Gun Shop in Middle Tennessee".  Hope you all had a good time and hope to see everyone at the State Championship in October.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

May Mid-Month Shoot

Blackwater Desperado shooting cap and ballSheriff Frank Canton at the Outlaw Cabin
Perfecto Vaquera
Boothill Smoke
Woodrow Spearman
Shotgun School Marm

Will Reilly shooting Double Duelist
Crooked Penny
Marshall Red Stockburn
Randy Saint Eagle, timed by Tombstone Peacekeeper
Scattergun Kid making smoke
Duck River at The Wells Fargo Bank
Rockwood Ranger at the Outlaw Cabin
Mortimer Smith
Duck River at the Gallows
Imis Twohofon back their somewhere
Two Clicks
Latigo Jim
Charlie Bowdre

Tombstone PeacekeeperFort Knox
Steel Water
Dirtwood Dobber
Randy Saint Eagle

We had 35 shooters for our May mid-month, a pretty good crowd for a  mid -month shoot. It was a bright sunny day and fast stages, It don't get much better than this.  

The Scores are up:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hooten Holler Round-up

Ladies B-Western
Vaquero Jake Kentucky State Champion Buckeroo and Horrible Hogan
Last Kiss Top Lady Gunfighter about anywhere you see her
Randy Saint Eagle
Randy Saint Eagle
Hooten Old Town
Hooten Stages

Jailbreak Jake timed by Buck Dodgers
Mary Von
Mose Spencer
Buck Dodgers

Were did the targets go?
My version of a B-Western gun cart, complete with a Will Reilly ammo bag

Hico Kid, King of The Outlaws

Buck Dodgers

Horrible Hogan

Vinegarron somewhere in the smoke

Sunshine Billy

Bella Spencer
 Grandma Mose Spencer trying to keep warm?

We had a good time at The Hooten Holler Round-up. Buck Dodgers, Jailbreak Jake, Tombstone John and I rode in on the same stage. None of us shot exceptionally well, Buck and Tombstone had rifle problems that hurt and I had a brain fade that cost me a P. Next year we plan to do better. 
It's been a long time between the shoot and posting these pictures and CRS has kicked in, I can't remember everyones name. 
The smart people had rooms in Hooten Old Town, otherwise its a pretty good drive to the range.