Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ambush '09 Category Awads

Next the awards were given to all the Category winners.

I'd like to congratulate The Top Gun, Sidekick, The Ladies Top Gun, Dew R Dye and all of the top 10 finishers.
2. Badlands Drifter, 3. Tall Drink A Water, 4. Prestidigitator, 5. Tuff Stuff, 6. Ozark Az, 7. Fast Eddie, 8. Harman Hammer, 9. SA Pondwater, 10. Sunshine Billy.

The Wartrace Regulators had a small contingent present, but those who made the trip fared well.

Papa Dave, 1st Elder Statesman, 21st Overall
Tabasco Jot, 4th Elder Statesman, 34th Overall
Randy Saint Eagle, 1st "B" Western, 36th Overall
Whiskey Hayes, 1st Classic Cowboy, 39th Overall
Capt. Jo Walker, 7th 49R, 46th Overall
Sheriff Frank Canton, 2nd Senior Frontier Cartridge, 111th Overall
Boothill Smoke, 6th Senior, 122nd Overall
Hot Lead Dancin', 8th Senior Duelist, 139th Overall
Blackwater Desperado 1st Frontiersman, 157th Overall
Frank Dalton,8th Frontier Cartridge Duelist, 201st Overall

Did I mention that Birdgun Quail came all the way from Huntsville Alabama just to shoot in the match. He also won the Spirit of the Game Award on his Posse, I think it's because he came from so far away.

I would also like to recognize , an outstanding young man, Levi Creed, 1st Buckaroo, 24th Overall.

To see where everyone finished, Overall Scores

We had a great time and I'd like to thank May Lillie
and all the North Alabama Regulators that worked
so hard to put on this match, with a special thanks to
Cool Waters for keeping me in bullets

Don't forget The Smokeout in the Hills, The Tn/Ky
Black Powder State Championship, Oct. 23-25, 2009
at Possum Trott.

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