Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ambush '09 Sunday

Sunday started with overcast skies for our final 4 stages. Apparently I do better when the weather is not perfect, I was clean on these.
We had just a slight drizzle just as we finished shooting, but it stopped before we got our gear packed.

We finished in plenty of time to visit the vendors again, eat lunch and visit with our old friends and some new ones.

The side match awards were given out as well as a Spirit Of The Game Winner from each Posse. Tennessee Triple B won it on our posse and no one was more deserving. That was followed by a brass auction to benefit the Boy Scouts who spent their weekend picking up and sorting brass and shotgun hulls. I would consider it a huge success as over $2100 was raised for them at the auction.

Next all the plaques were presented to The Alabama State Champions in each Category.
I apologize for my award pictures, it seems all the flashes were wreaking havoc with my auto focus. Again see Sheriff Donald's Pictures as they are better than mine.