Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The SASS Tennessee State Championship 2009

24 Wartrace Regulators made the trip to Memphis to
shoot in:

A Gunfight in Dixie VIII September 18-20 2009
Hosted by The Memphis Gunslingers

You couldn't have asked for better weather, if you
were a Duck. I thought Duck River stayed home,
but by the time we finished up Sunday it seemed like
we were wading through a river. Our Posse finished
up on stage 10 and it was beginning to get a little

The Memphis Gunslingers did an excellent job of
putting on a Great Match in less than ideal conditions.
This continues to be one of my favorite
Annual Matches. I'd like to thank Mountaineer Lefty,
Walking Short, Cherokee Sergeant, Dew R Dye, Bella
Spencer and all The Memphis Gunslingers who worked
so hard to put on this match.

Buck Dodgers won The Speedy Gonzolas Side Match
Award for the 3rd straight year.

The Main Match Stages were fast but you had to think
on some of them.

On Saturday night we had a good steak, or chicken,
catered by Outback Steakhouse. Every night after the
guns were put away there were coolers,
full of soft drinks and beer, opened.

Dooley Sworn and his band provided the
entertainment on Saturday night.

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