Wednesday, September 23, 2009

'09 Tennessee State Championship Awards

Sunday we had the final 4 stages and LOTS of RAIN! Then we had the awards presentation and no rain.

1. Prestidigitator was the Top Shooter Overall followed by;
2. Dew R Dye
3. Blackfish Kid
4. Buck Dodgers
5. Mose Spencer

The Wartrace Regulators represented our club well;

Buck Dodgers, 2nd Wrangler, 4th Overall
Will Reilly, 4th Wrangler, 6th Overall
Papa Dave, 2nd and Tennessee State Champion Elder Statesman, 13th Overall

C W Knight, 3rd Senior, 21st Overall
Charlie Bowdre, 2nd and Tennessee State Champion Silver Senior, 24th Overall

Randy Saint Eagle, 1st and Tennessee State Champion B-Western, 26th Overall

Jailbreak Jake, 2nd Duelist, 27th Overall
Scattergun Kid, 2nd and Tennessee State Champion Frontier Cartridge, 38th Overall

Imis Twohofon, 4th Senior,41st Overall
Capt Jo Walker, 7th 49r, 50th Overall
Tombstone John, 6th Senior, 52nd Overall
Sergeant Shooter, 9th Wrangler, 56th Overall
Marshall Red Stockburn, 1st and Tennessee State Champion Classic Cowboy, 61st Overall

Fort Knox, 6th Elder Statesman, 69th Overall
Sheriff Frank Canton, 8th Senior, 71st Overall
Deadwood Miner, 7th Elder Statesman, 91st Overall
Hot Lead Dancin', 5th Senior Duelist, 95th Overall
Mortimer Smith, 8th Duelist, 105th Overall
Cheyenne Thornton, 15th 49r, 115th Overall
Feisty Mama, 1st and Tennessee State Champion Grand Dame, 134th Overall

Cody Kid, 9th Elder Statesman, 136th Overall
Buxom Boo, 2nd Grand Dame, 139th Overall
Blackwater Desperado, 4th Frontiersman, 140th Overall
Crooked Penny, 10th Elder Statesman, 145th Overall

I once again would like to thank The Memphis Gunslingers for putting on a Great Match. I'd also like to thank all the Wartrace Regulators that made the trip to Memphis and represented our club well.

For complete results click on Overall Scores or Scores by Category

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Jason Nabors said...

I'm a Regulator as well. I finished 4th in Cowboy Plus and 125th overall, which isn't extremely terrible for me but I definitely didn't do my best at this match. The main problem was the weather. I couldn't keep my glasses from steaming up, so half the time I couldn't see the targets at all and just guessed at where they were.--Colonel Reb