Thursday, October 29, 2009

Smokeout In The Hills

The Tn./Ky. Black Powder State Championship, Oct. 23-25 2009 hosted by The Highland Regulators at Possum Trott.

Sheriff Frank Canton, Marshall Red Stockburn, Papa Dave and Randy Saint Eagle caught the early morning Stage in Middle Tn. and headed to Smokeout In The Hills. Shortly after noon we met up with, Will Reilly, Blackwater Desperado, Shotgun Schoolmarm, Blue Boy and Imis Twohofon, the rest of The Wartrace Regulators who made the trip to the Best Black Powder Shootout that I know of.

We arrived just in time to check into our cabin, sign in and have lunch (which was included in the price of the shoot) and shoot the afternoon side matches (also included). If you've never been to Possum Trott you've missed the "Ringers Humdinger" side match. 10 guns, throw a spear, throw a tomahawk and cover a lot of ground. My only complaint was I needed an oxygen bottle by the time I got to the end (Ringer said he'd try to work on that for next year).

We finished in plenty of time to check out the vendors and shoot the breeze with some pards we haven't seen in a while before dinner (also included). There was a Chili Cook-off which became part of dinner. There was also a best Home Brew contest, a Best Liars contest and a Pumpkin Pie eating contest, won by our own Blackwater Desperado.