Thursday, October 29, 2009

Possum Trott '09 Sunday

Sunday morning started with Cowboy Church, for those who got up in time ( I confess I wasn't one of them). Then breakfast (yes) and the final 4 stages. Sunday morning also brought sunshine, not so good for those of us starting on stage 9 and getting to stage 10 just as the sun came over the hill and right in our eyes ( but now we know what it is like for the folks who shoot black powder all the time). After finishing the last 4 stages we had time to pack up the covered wagon and have lunch (included) while they finished up the scores.

In case you didn't realize it yet, after paying your entry fee and cabin rental the only place you could spend money was with the vendors, everything else was included, plus everyone got a door prize. WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!!!

The Top 10 shooters were 1. Little Wing, 2. Ringer, 3. Black Tom, 4. Silver City Rebel, 5. Tall Drink A Water, 6. J.D. Brooks, 7. Copperhead Joe, 8. Shaddai Vaquero, 9. Isom Kid, 10. Black Jack Beeson.

Wartrace Regulators made a good showing and for the first time when I've been at a shoot everyone from Wartrace won an Award. The Smokeless shooters were not scored with the Black Powder.

Blue Boy 1st Smokeless Elder Statesman

All the rest are Black Powder Categories:

Will Reilly 1st and Tn. State Champion Duelist, 11th Overall
Randy Saint Eagle 2nd and Tn State Champion B-Western, 19th Overall
Papa Dave 1st and Tn. State Champion Elder Statesman, 23rd Overall
Marshall Red Stockburn 2nd and Tn. State Champion Classic Cowboy, 29th Overall
Sheriff Frank Canton 2nd and Tn. State Champion Senior, 41st Overall
Imis Twohofon 2nd and Tn. State Champion Josey Wales, 52nd Overall
Blackwater Desperado 5th and Tn. State Champion Frontiersman, 67th Overall
Shotgun Schoolmarm 1st and Tn. State Champion Ladies 49r, 72nd Overall

Congratulations to all who made the trip to Possum Trott. If you're looking for a really fun and cheap shoot , put this on your calendar for next year. If you want to rent a cabin talk to Tn. Triple B now to find out what you have to do.

Many thanks to all the Highland Regulators who make Possum Trott such a great shoot.

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