Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sept 08 North Alabama Regulators

Tombstone Peacekeeper, Papa Dave and I met Duck River at Caverns Cove, to shoot with the North Alabama Regulators. It was a beautiful day for a Cowboy Shoot.

Shooting a 1911 .45 in the Wild Bunch Category

Cool Waters running and gunning

Duck River showing us how it should be done , on his way to 2nd place overall

Iron Maiden showing what it takes to be Top Cowgirl

Judge Em All Duncan shooting Gunfighter with black powder

The best shooting costume I saw all day

Mares Leg?
Papa Dave on his way to 3rd overall
Randy Saint Eagle

Tall Drink A Water  on his way to becoming     TOP COWBOY

Tombstone Peacekeeper

Whiskey Creek Johnson

Tombstone Peacekeeper

Judge Em All Duncan, is it any cooler with 2 hats?
Whiskey Creek

There are targets somewhere past that smoke!

This fellow was doing a fine job

Tall Drink A Water

Tombstone Peacekeeper

Whiskey Creek

Where did the targets go?

Duck River on the last stage of the day

Iron Maiden

Judge Em All Duncan

Tombstone Peacekeeper

Iron Maiden Top Cowgirl,  Tall Drink A Water  Top Cowboy
Papa Dave 1st Elder Statesman 3rd overall
Randy Saint Eagle 1st B-Western

Well it got pretty hot before we finished, but we had a chance to cool down with a good meal while the scores were tabulated, for complete results click    scores.
Thanks to the North Alabama Regulators for treating us to a good shoot.  By the way there were 89 shooters, what a crowd for a monthly shoot.

If you're in that area look them up.  Link

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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