Monday, May 25, 2009

May Mid-Month Shoot '09

Well the weather has not been very pleasant in May and we only had 15 shooter come out to take their chances. But guess what again we were blessed and had a good shoot. The rain held off, and the cloud cover kept it from being too hot. I was on the trail and almost home before the rains came. It just goes to show you never trust a forecast, just come on and shoot.

It looks like for our June 6th shoot we'll have some Smokey Mountain Shooting Society pards and maybe some Ocoee Rangers coming to join us, so make plans to be there and see a posse of Gunfighters.


Sgt. Shooter is wanting to sell a few guns here is a list.

Here are the guns I have For Sale

1. Marlin Rifle, Model 917M2, Cal 17MACH2 w/scope, $400.00

2. Taurus Pistol 24/7, 40 Cal, 15 & 11 Shot Mag, $425.00

3. Uberti Cattleman Revolver, 6 shot, Old Silver Finish, Cal 45LC, 5 1/2 in barrel $550.00 each I have two of them and they have both been slicked up.

4. Smith & Wesson Auto Pistol, 17 Shot, Cal 9mm, with TLR-2 Light &
Laser, $800.00

5. Colt MK IV/Series 80 Mustang, Cal 380, with factory Night Sights, $900.00

6. Springfield Champion Auto Pistol, Stainless, Cal 45, 4in barrel, Factory Night Sights, 7 shot, $1,000.00

7. Bushmaster Rifle, M-4, Cal 223, with Laser Light Optical Sights, Spot
Light, Picitally rails, with custom pistol grip and front handle, $1,875.00

My cell phone number is (615) 785-1805.

Sergeant Shooter
aka Randy Gorman

Scores (when they are posted)